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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
31. M.C The Max – Lying On Your Lips
34. M.C The Max – One Day
38. Rain – LA Song
54. M.C The Max – Alone
55. Sung Kyun Kim, Dohee – Destiny
68. M.C The Max – Miss It
73. Postmen – Sense Of Betrayal
84. Namolla Family N – How Can I Forget You (feat. Kim Sung Yi)
90. M.C The Max – Story Of Me
92. Rain – 30 Sexy
94. 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun Friendship Project – You Are A Miracle
96. M.C The Max – Final Song
97. Park Ki Young – Sick For A While (feat. 김아영 of 숙가연)
100. Jung Joon Young – I’m Nobody OST

Song Chart
86. GB9 – I Hope It’s Breeze
89. The Seeya, Son Ho Jun – More And More
91. Bubble Sisters – Winter Special
99. Nabi, Sean Lee – Farewell Gift

So here is the end of my album review on “Unveiling”.
Lying On Your Lips sounds a lot like the few others that were in the Top 25. So yeah, not really into them.
One Day is kinda alright. It’s a bit less Mr. Sad McSadness, so that’s a good thing. But I still feel like the singer is trying too hard with his voice and it bothers me.
Alone is also interesting. The instrumental intro is good, then the song itself has a somewhat latin vibe to it. But still, I don’t know. I think I have issues with the main singer voice.
Miss It is a ballad (yes yes, I’m telling you). It sounds a lot like all the other one on this album, except the main singer doesn’t get all intense as soon as with the other ones. So I’m not hating it as much, but not liking it either.
Story Of Me sounds a little bit more like a lullaby than a ballad. And that’s a good thing here since the ballad of M.C The Max are a bit too intense for me. That said, I’m still having a hard time with it because I can hear the whole album vibe in it. I can feel they are trying hard to not go too hard on this one and it bothers me having to feel this effort. And oh, there’s some remains of the “rock band” part of them with a little electric guitar at one point.
Final Song, finally. Gosh I hate it when all the album comes up in the chart. Yes, it’s great for getting to know the album, but still, it’s kinda boring too. This song is also more on the softer side. And so, yes, it’s a ballad again. But yet, there’s this point where everything get really intense again… And there’s that electric guitar again. And the mood of the song change completely and becomes just this intense thing that ends up by a choir part. The choir is actually good and I would have like the song if it was just that part.
So all in all, I hate this band. Their just not my style, at all.

Rain’s two new song are really different from one another. Personally, I prefer 30 Sexy, which is really really great, both the song and the MV. I kinda hate LA Song. I think it has nothing going on for itself and the MV is kinda not that great either, sorta full of cliché and somehow really not believable coming from Rain too. Since when is he a gangsta?

Destiny is another Reply 1994 OST song. It’s better than what I’ve heard so far for this drama OST. It’s more lively and happy. But still, it’s kinda odd, mainly because of the background music I would say (all those synth sound).

Sense of Betrayal is another ballad. The chorus is pretty, but I don’t like how the singers use their voice, with all the tremolos. So no, I don’t really like it.

No idea what is Namolla Family N exactly, but the song is quite interesting actually. Maybe with a good MV I could be on board somehow. I’m having a hard time now because I feel like the girl’s part is not exactly well-balanced with the rap part of the boy. Maybe it’s because of the background music : I feel it’s much more intense/present when the girl’s sings. But the song is good.

When You Are A Miracle started, I though an ad pop-out somewhere because there is that weird sound that has nothing to do with the song… But afterward, I can say it’s one of the few “projet” song I actually like. The voices blend nicely together and I don’t feel that each part is waiting to come after the other one as much as with other song of this kind. So yes, check it out, it’s actually quite good.

Par Ki Young’s song is a nice ballad with some gayageum in it. Maybe I like it a more because of the gayageum, but I think it’s a fine song. I’m not that much into it either, and I might not listen to it a lot after today, but it’s pretty.

I don’t like Jung Joon Young all that much. Yes, he has a great voice and all, but I feel like it’s overused every time. I would prefer he tries a much softer song. It’s not bad, it’s just a bit too intense again for me.

I Hope It’s Breeze is a ballad again. I cannot stand it anymore, I’m sorry. Even though I kinda feel like this one is a bit better than all the other ones I’ve heard on this chart.

More and More is good. The collaboration is well orchestrated and the song is really nice. And I feel like it’s a bit different from what I’m used to from The Seeya, and it’s actually a good thing since, even though their song are not bad, they are usually too much on the sobbing side for me to bear for a long time. This one is much much more on the happy and bright side.

Bubble Sisters’ song was really good for the first part, then it became a bit intense. It could have been a really nice and soft ballad. But the chorus kills it a bit. And their’s this weird banging noise around the chorus that is wrecking all the balance of the song too.

Farwell Gift is a ballad too. I’m not quite sure if the female vocalist is Navi or Nabi, since I she doesn’t sound like Navi but her name is written the same way. The ballad is not bad, even though it’s quite classic, with the drums and all. I’ll give it an overall note of “alright” since I like the voices of both of the singers.