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01. IU – Friday (feat. Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY)      –
02. M.C THE MAX – Wind That Blows      NEW
03. Lyn – My Destiny      ↑(5)
04. Beenzino – Dali, Van, Picasso      ↓(1)
05. Brown Eyed Soul – You      ↓(1)
06. Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, VIXX & Yeo Dong Saeng – Winter Propose      ↓(4)
07. Seo In Guk & Zia – Loved You      ↓(2)
08. M.C THE MAX – We, In The Past      NEW
09. Wheesung & Gummy – Special Love      ↓(3)
10. Zia – To Be Expected      ↓(3)
11. Hyorin – One Way Love      ↓(2)
12. Wheesung – Heartsore Story (feat. Junhyung of B2ST)      ↓(2)
13. Sung Si Kyung – To You OST      ↓(1)
14. M.C THE MAX – Night We Shine      NEW
15. 2NE1 – Missing You      ↓(2)
16. Bumkey, Verbal Jint – Only For You      ↓(2)
17. Lim Chang Jung – Even After I Got Hurt (Feat. Maboos Of ElectroBoyz)      NEW
18. EXO – Miracle in December      ↓(7)
19. Girl’s Day – Something      NEW
20. Huh Gak – Memory Of Your Scent      ↓(2)
21. Ailee – Because of Tears OST      ↑(4)
22. Miss A – Hush      –
23. Wheesung – Even Thought Of Marriage      ↓(4)
24. M.C THE MAX – On My Way Home      NEW
25. Vibe – Heaven (feat. Lee YoungHyun, Shin YongJae of 4men, Lim SeJun, Wonji of Bella4)      ↓(10)

So M.C The Max released a new album and about all the track are in the chart this week. So I’ll be starting with those first, and will continue my “album review” on the following Newbies post.
First of all, I like how this band is described as a rock band who makes ballad. I see them more as a band that makes ballad, and that’s all.
Wind That Blows is this ballad. So yeah, I’m not really into it. That said the MV is quite pretty and nicely done. But it wasn’t enough for the song to be better in my perspective.
We, In The Past, I just hate. It’s not that it’s terrible, but it’s just sooo intense from the start… Please, give me a break.
Night We Shine is maybe a little bit better than the last one, but still… I feel like each song are about the same, the difference being the time of the song when the singer hit the highest note or force his voice… The MV is a shoot of their concert.
On My Way Home is a bit better than the other, since the singer sing it a bit less intensely than the few previous one. He put more air in his voice in this one, so it sounds more soft. But still… not really liking it.

Lim Chang Jung was the one that did Open The Door earlier this year. This song though is more like a up-beat ballad. WAE? WAAEEEE?! I’m cursed by the ballad god…

Girl’s Day Something is good, it’s just not my favorite. I feel like both the MV, the dance and the song are not to the standard of Expectation and Female President, that I so highly loved.