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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
47. Zion.T – Miss Kim
52. Bom&Hi – All I Want For Christmas Is You
64. Jokwon, Lim Jeong Hee, Joohee, Rap Monster & Jungkook- Perfect Christmas
82. Miss $ – Just Let Me Live (feat. Skull)
85. Geeks, Phantom & Esna – Mistletoe
92. T-ARA – Hide and Seek
97. XIA – December
98. Go Ara – Start OST

Song Chart
84. The Nuts – Rolling
86. Kim Greem – Teardrop
89. Donghae & Eunhyuk – Still You
90. Lee Boram – A Sad Snowman
94. Crucial Star – A Winter Love Song
95. Koyote – Hug Me

A smaller one this time around, maybe because it’s almost Christmas. And in a way, it’s not the best time to be releasing anything other than a Christmas album since everyone is so busy.

First off is my favorite : Zion.T! Miss Kim is a song I wasn’t sure I was going to like at all after listening to it for the first time. But then, somehow, when I’ve listened to it a second time, I fell in love with it so much that I’m almost only listening to this over and over again since then. Love the part when it’s super intense with the “Biga naeriooooo” at the end. The MV is quite good too, with the film noir ambiance and the tap dance.

Then, there’s All I Want For Christmas Is You… Gosh, soooo disappointing. I was kinda having hope with this since it’s Park Bom and Lee Hi, and the preview for the MV looked fun. The MV is, in fact, fun to watch, but the song is sooo bad, it hurts. The thing is, with classics, you can either try your best to do the same or change it a lot. This time around, they went… I don’t know where they went with this and maybe that’s why it’s so bad.

Perfect Christmas is not bad. It’s actually a good Christmas song, it’s fun and lively. I’m not that much into the MV since it’s mainly a studio shoot with all those faces close-up. I wouldn’t have put the rap part though. But really, it deserves way more attention.

I really like Miss $. They’re not as known as other, but they always make really good song and they have great vocal abilities. This time though, I’m not as much into Just Let Me Live. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Skull sings quite a lot in this one, or maybe because the rap part takes such a big part in the song (even though the girls that does the rap are great). It’s still quite good though, but I prefer their last two song over this one.

Mistletoe is interesting to say the least. It has a really different vibe to it than what I’m used to with Kpop, and even with Khip-hop. It has this Peanuts Christmas sound to it. It’s not all good though since there’s part here and there I’m not that much into, but overall, I would say this one is also of the good Christmas song of this year.

As I said before, I like Xia, but just not when he’s into ballad mode. December is a ballad. So that’s that.

Start is a OST like other OST. From Reply 1994 on top of that…

The Nuts always do song I’m not sure about. I either end up liking it a lot or really not at all. This one, I still don’t know. I think I like the verse with the little childish sound, I’m not sure about the chorus, nor the bridge. So I’ll have to listen to it a bit more, but since the chorus takes more “space” than the verse… I might not like it in the end.

Teardrop is alright I guess. I just feel like it’s a bit bleh, like there’s nothing really special about it.

SuperJunior’s duo, Still You, with Donghae and Eunhyuk, is such a let down for me. I was expecting something more… I feel like SuperJunior has been doing almost nothing for a while now and I thought that they would try harder to make something special with this to give us a bigger bone to chew on until we can have a comeback one day (if ever). It’s kind of a light-hearted up-beat ballad. Even the MV is… really not good enough.

I’m always kinda confused with Boram (maybe because there’s more than just one, I don’t know). This song is a ballad and it’s nothing special. Not doing it for me.

A Winter Love Song… is a bit weird. I know I don’t like it, but I cannot really say why. Maybe because the song is confusing. It starts like a cheesy song, then it becomes a rap, then a ballad. The MV is mainly a studio shoot.

I have mix feeling about Koyote. And OMG this song is not helping me. It’s a Christmas song, but really too intense, too up-beat, just too much. I really don’t like it. It’s like Christmas and techno-dance music made a love baby. Not good.