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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
26. Lim Kim – Happy Me OST
30. Hyorin – Stalker (feat. Mad Clown)
32. Hyorin – Don’t Love Me
34. 2AM – Regret
54. Hyorin – Massage (feat. Dok2)
55. VIXX – Voodoo Doll
56. Lena Park – My Wish OST
64. Crayon Pop – Lonely Christmas
66. Hyorin – Red Lipstick (feat. Zico of Block B)
71. DickPunks – Goodbye Girlfriend
83. CNBLUE – Lady
96. Hyorin – O.M.G (feat. Lil Boi of Geeks)
98. Hyorin – Closer

Song Chart
86. Lee Haeri (Davichi) – Sunflower
87. Hyorin – Falling
89. Urban Zakapa – One Day
95. Hyorin – Tonight
98. IU – Only I Didn’t Know

First, a Lim Kim song. The thing is, it’s still a OST. Yes, her voice is nice, but the song is nothing really special. It’s quite typical in fact. I’m not really into that many song from the “Reply” series anyway.

Then, when start the review of about all of the album of Hyorin (since it was just released and the chart is crazy for it). For me, just looking at the track, I can see this album is dipping into a hip-hop vibe with all the featuring.
Stalker has a Rihanna vibe to it, and so, I’m not that much into it. I like Hyorin because she’s different. When she does things I’ve heard elsewhere, I’m kinda disappointed.
Don’t Love Me is a ballad. Somehow, I don’t feel it that much. Maybe if I listen to it a bit more, but I think something is missing or lacking to make it a great ballad.
I’ve seen she made a performance for Massage, so I was expecting great things from it. But yet again, I’m kinda disappointed. I feel like it’s some bad Mariah Carey song…
Red Lipstick is a bit weird. I cannot really describe how, but I’m not really into it either. It has sort of a latin vibe to it, but it’s kinda too intense for me from the start. I feel like it could be a OST song for an action Kdrama or something like that.
O.M.G has a more happy feel to it. It’s better than all those previous one even though it sounds a bit like a girly song. At least, Lil Boi gives another twist to it for a while. I might listen to this one more than a few time, but I feel like I might get tired of it pretty fast.
Closer is a smooth, really smooth ballad. But then, at some point, she starts to sing louder, and it broke the smoothness of it, wich was quite alright in itself. So now it’s just bleh…
Falling is interesting. I think it’s the one I prefer from all the previous one (expect from both songs that are in the Top 25). But still, it’s not the best. I feel like they’ve tried too hard in some song where it would have been better to keep it down a bit, and then didn’t tried hard enough for other song that are just lacking too much.
Tonight could have been part of the songs that had MV and were publicized more. It’s good enough for that. Maybe it would have been a bit better with a stronger chorus or something (like an awesome bridge), but still, it’s one of the best (even better than Falling) of the album.
All in all, I’m not really that much into this album. I feel like it goes in too many direction and wasn’t tought as a whole enough.

2AM’s Regret is a typical 2AM song : so it’s kinda really boring. Every now and then, they release a new song and I’m like : “Please, make it so that this one is the one who’ll break the boring ballad curse.” But it kinda never happens.

VIXX, how I love you! This song is not their greatest one, but it’s still pretty much better than most of what was release in the past weeks. And the MV is pure awesomeness. Definitely check this out if you have not already.

Then, another OST (My Wish). And it’s even more boring than the previous one. Don’t even bother. And on top of that, Lena Park’s voice is really weird in this one.

Crayon Pop release a Christmas song at the end of the month. And I could listen to eat all year-long. I really enjoy it and it kinda help me to be over their latest song that wasn’t really great… The MV is funny, and the dance too as you would expect from them. Really really like it!

Dickpunks’ Goodbye Girlfriend is not what I was expecting either since their last song was really more rock and upbeat. This one is a ballad. The MV is interesting, but I’m not that much into the song.

CNBLUE’s Lady is a new recording of an old song I think. They redid all their best japanese tracks in korean. I like it though I don’t necessarily like it as much as their latest hit.

Sunflower is quite typical of what Davichi usually do. So I kinda don’t like it at all. On top of that, I couldn’t find a good recording of it so the sound is a bit weird.

Urban Zakapa’s One Day is really nothing special if you know what kind of music they usually do. I feel there’s a lullaby vibe to it. So then, it might be a great song for kids to listen to when they try to fall asleep (though I’m not that sure since there’s like the orchestra part at some point and then louder voice performance from the singers). I don’t really like it.

Only I Didn’t Know doesn’t sound that much like what I’m used to with IU. Though, it’s certainly not cabaret like the previous album. The MV is a bit plain too. Even though you can feel the emotion and all that, I’m not really into it. I’m not a big ballad fan for starters so… And this one is a bit too into the “emotional ballad” category for me