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01. 2NE1 – Missing You      ↑(1)
02. Hyorin – One Way Love      NEW
03. San E – Break Up Dinner (feat. Sanchez of Phantom)      ↑(11)
04. Davichi – The Letter      ↓(3)
05. Sung Si Kyung – To You OST      ↓(2)
06. Miss A – Hush      –
07. Ailee – Because of Tears OST      ↑(1)
08. Park Hyo Shin – It’s You OST      ↓(3)
09. Huh Gak – Memory Of Your Scent      ↑(2)
10. Lee Juck – Lie Lie Lie      ↓(6)
11. Noel – When The Night Comes (feat. Dynamic Duo)      ↓(4)
12. Noel – Being Forgotten      NEW
13. Troublemaker – Now      ↓(3)
14. T.O.P – Doom Dada      ↓(3)
15. Hyorin – Lonely      NEW
16. San E – Where Did You Sleep (feat. Verbal Jint & Swings)      ↓(3)
17. Taeyang – Ringa Linga      ↓(1)
18. Hyung Young Don Jyong (Hyung Don & G-Dragon) – Going To Try      ↓(6)
19. Hi.ni – Can’t Have You OST      ↑(34)
20. Park Ji Yoon – Mr. Lee (feat. San E)      ↓(4)
21. IU – The Red Shoes      ↓(2)
22. Wheesung & Gummy – Special Love      NEW
23. Younha – It’s Okay      NEW
24. Soyu & Mad Clown – Stupid In Love      ↓(3)
25. Urban Zakapa – When Winter Comes      NEW

I really like Hyorin. Yes, some of you might think she’s a bitch, as are some korean netizens. But I don’t really care all that much, since she’s not my friend but a singer. I love her voice, and I feel that, this year was her year. Both song are really great. At first, I prefered One Way Love because of the general vibe to it, and the part where she raps (she’s not even pointed as rapper, but she’s better than most of the few one in other girls group *cough* HyunA *cough*). This song is really great to cast all her vocal abilities. But then, after a while, I must say I like Lonely better. I feel like the song suits her sound more. Maybe because what I like best in her voice is the windy-aerial high-pitched part of it.

I’m not really into Noel. And this new song is totally Noel style. So a big no-no for me. And it seems people didn’t like it that much either since it hasn’t that much views. It really has nothing special.

I’m really not into Gummy either. Special Love is nothing special really.

I usually like Younha. She does refreshing stuff now and then. But, as I do everyone else, I prefer more upbeat song most of the time. This one is a ballad and it’s not different from korean ballads. Still, Younha had a really pretty voice and the song is fine. But I don’t like it that much.

When Winter Comes is a bit boring too. That said, Urban Zakapa always does really pretty song and they all sing really beautifully. But their ballad (because they almost never do some other kind of songs) are, more of the time, too plain for me…