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Nastiest Kpop Video of 2013

Girl’s Day – Female President
Trouble Maker – Now
Sistar 19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
DalShabet – Be Ambitious
UV – No Way, Can’t Be
Jay Park – Welcome
WaSSup – Wassup
N.O.M – A Guys
Miss A – Hush
Phantom – New Era

My pick: Jay Park or Sistar 19
Why: Jay Park because, you know… Sistar 19 because at first, I thought the two girls raped my eyes with their butt rubbing dance. I LOVE Hush, but I feel like the nastiness is really under control in this MV.
Left out: Maybe I would have pick Expectation over Female President for this one. I’m surprised they didn’t put 2PM’s ADTOY in this category. I think if it was, there would be no competition. Self-butt rubbing and all the teasing scene here and there (the staircase in particular), oh my!
Prediction: Troublemaker or Miss A, the first I don’t know why, the second because of the great song, the great MV and the great dance, but I don’t think it’s that much because of the nastiness…