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Best Kpop Girl Group of 2013

Girls’ Generation
Girl’s Day
After School
Miss A
Crayon Pop

My pick: Sistar or Miss A
Why: Even though both only released one song this year (if I don’t count sub-unit and solo track), their only song raised more attention and praise than a lot of the other nominees. I like them both. But I have to confess I’m maybe more of a Miss A fan (Hush is just too awesome). T-ARA did not so well for me this year, most of their success was mainly because of their sub-unit. Girl’s Day had a great year, but they’re still so new and searching for their own sound and stuff.
Left out: Miss $ deserved to be at least in the nominees, since 2 of their song were really great this year and the solo of one of them (don’t remember wich one) was really great too (though the MV not so much). And, even though it’s a rookie group, I would have put GI there too.
Prediction: 2NE1 or Girls’ Generation. I would be ok with the second one since they got the Youtube Award, it would be fair, they got attention internationally and stuff. But, I’m sorry, 2NE1? No. Not this year. The first 2 MV we received this year were laughable to say the least, the song were just good, not as great as what we could expect from them. The last song is maybe a bit better, but it’s a ballad so, just no.