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Best Kpop Dance of 2013

Sunmi – 24 Hours
Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar
EXO – Growl
Shinhwa – This Love
After School – First Love
Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy
U-Kiss – Standing Still
MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
SHINee – Everybody
Taeyang – Ringa Linga

My pick: Smocky Girl or Ringa Linga
Why: Sadly, it’s not most fun dance of 2013, then Crayon Pop would have won (in my heart, but in the EYKA, I doubt it cuz they got a lot of haters). And I cannot say EXO because, even though the song is really good and the performance is amazing, I cannot judge them because I always torn between my actual feeling about them, their talent and the fact that I hate their fan base. Plus, it’s too obvious. Ringa Linga dance performance is actually really amazing and, for Smocky Girl, I just really really like the dance. I’m kinda sad they put Standing Still here cuz it was one of my favorite song this year, same goes for This Love.
Left out: How about Girl’s Day for Expectation? The dance was both great and memorable. Even though I know it take a lot of skill to pole dance, I really hated the performance of After School. It might be great watching it on stage, but in a MV, it was really dull. And I don’t get why they didn’t put INFINITE in there too. I would have put Kim Sori’s Dual Life also.
Prediction: EXO