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Hey there. I know I’m still running late with the Melon Chart post and stuff + the Top 10 for Summer (it’s almost winter and I would like to do a Top 10 for Autumn too… so little time, so much to do!), but I really wanted to do a post about the EYKA this year.

As you might know, I’m a Nasty, so yeah, I like Simon and Martina, Leigh and Soo Zee, Music Monday, WANK, FAPFAP, WTF, Spudgy and Memers. I’m really sad they dropped there Kpop Update thingy they did every week. It seems they’re more and more busy every year. And since they’re covering so little about Kpop and Kindie lately, I’ve started this Melon Chart thing and my own Top 10 because I thought it could be useful to some of us (and I actually learn a lot myself doing so).

So anyhow, since EYKA are, as any other kind of awards, terribly frustrating (and fun also) because there are nominees in specific categories you’re really rooting for that won’t even be notice since all the attention is on EXO, or any other obvious choice, I wanted to give my pick for this year, why I would give an award to this specific nominee, whom they left out (if they did) and, finally, my prediction (and rant about it if the need to do so is felt).

Best Korean Hip Hop of 2013

Nominees :
Dynamic Duo – BAAAM!
Yankie – I.N.D.O
Snipersound – Not In Stock
LeeSSang – Tears
Drunken Tiger – The Cure
Gaeko – Rhythm Is Life
Swings – A Real Lady
Verbal Jint – Walking In The Rain
Double K – Rap Movement
Jay Park – Appetizer

My pick: Definitely BAAAM! from Dynamic Duo.
Why: This song is one of my favorite song of 2013. I even put it as my ringtone for an extensive period of time and it’s still in my playlist because I cannot let go. The chorus is awesome, the rap is great, the MV’s alright, the almost Engrish is great since it seems they actually say “Bad girl gone better”. There’s nothing not to love about this song. And it’s a lot better than most of the other nominees. I also like Walking In The Rain, Tears (kinda) and The Cure, but I got bored with them kinda fast (mainly the last two).
Left out: What about Baechigi’s Shower of Tears? If it was in the nominees, I would have a really hard time to choose between them and Dynamic Duo. Shower of Tears is also a great song and one of my all time favorite too. And I feel like Wash Away, from Geeks, could have been a nominee too. It was also a great song, but in my heart, Baechigi and Dynamic Duo are the greatest.
Prediction: The Cure or Tears. LeSSang is deeply loved, and I get why *cough* Gary oppa *cough*. The song was good, I can acknowledge it, but it was in no way the greatest of this year. Drunken Tiger did a great job with The Cure, but mainly because he has also those other people with him. I’ve been following him on Twitter, and, eshh, I don’t know, either he’s more drunken than a tiger, either he’s just really full of himself. I feel like the winner with this song is mostly t Yoon Mi Rae. So I have a hard time given credit for this as being “the best” since it’s great, but in my mind, it’s not the best, it’s a patchwork of great part and other okay part.