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Best Artsy Fartsy Video of 2013

Clazziquai Project – Can’t Go On My Own
Jang Kiha & The Faces – It Almost Had It
BNR – Did Not Say Anything
Philtre & Younha – Fade
Geeks – Wash Away
Joo Young – I Am For You
Double K – Rewind
JeA – Stray Cat
Cheeze – Mango
Yoon Han – Piano Playing Man

My pick: Mango
Why: I really love the song, but the MV is sooooo awesome. But this time I have no argument to defend it against some other, it’s mainly just my choice. I won’t be offended if, say, Clazziquai Project, Jang Kiha, Philtre or even Geeks win.
Left out: Shin Seung Hun for Sorry. It really pretty and artsy as hell, even more than some nominees. Song Ji Eun for False Hope, because crucifixion and all that symbolism. Andamiro’s Waiting, even though maybe the concept is kinda week against some nominees, it’s still really artsy. Maybe One Way’s Beautiful Day also, wich is a bit like Clazziquai Project MV but with a different twist to it. And, last but not least, Miss $ with You Were Not The… In fact, I don’t understand why it’s not there.
Prediction: Clazziquai Project or Geeks, but I feel like Geeks might have a better chance, mainly because the song is good. The concept was a bit too much for me, self-pity is never to be push to far.