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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place here
31. YB & Lena Park – December
36. 2BiC – She (feat. 79)
45. Clover – Trickling
52. FTISLAND – Madly
53. Hi.ni – Can’t Have You OST
63. San E – To My Ex-Girlfriend (feat. Seon Woo Jung Ah)
64. Shin Ji Hoon – Hurtful
65. Rose Motel – Marrying Man, Marrying Woman
67. Standing Egg – Break Up For You, Not Yet For Me (feat. Park Shin Hye)
85. Wax – Love Wind OST
92. Lim Jeong Hee – I’ll Be There OST
93. Kim Jin Ho (SG WannaBe) – The Best Of Me (Korean Ver.)
95. Choi Jin Hyuk – Don’t Look Back OST
98. Gummy, Big Brother – Only One
100. 100% V – Missing You

Song Chart
85. G.O (MBLAQ) – Play That Song (feat. Yurima & 2FACE)
92. San E – Wish You To Be Unhappier
95. Electroboyz – Busted (feat. C-luv)
96. Park Sihwan – My Love
100. San E – My Girlfriend’s Mama

I didn’t even realize the first song was featuring YB. I really loved Mystery, which deserved way more attention than it got. And it’s quite good actually. It’s not the greatest song there is, but it’s good and I’ll try listening to it a few more time to see if it entices my mind somehow. Lena Park has a really great voice too.

2BiC is always somewhat good, just because both singer have such great vocal. This song is cute and it’s kinda good also (in the way it’s not full of long complaining acrobatics vocals stuff in a deeply sad song and all). But I feel like it lacks something somehow. It’s good and fun, but, and that’s the case with 2BiC for me most of the time, it’s never enough for the song to catch me entirely.

Trickling is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting much since there’s no MV and I don’t know this band. But it’s quite good and I’ll go and search more about Clover, the album and their previous work. It’s hip-hop/R&B a bit, but soft, with parts where it much more singing that just rapping. The music is good, not too upbeat, not too weird or typical hip-hop-ish (even though it’s not a bad time sometimes). It’s worth checking out.

Madly… Gosh, I think I have a big problem with FTISLAND lately. Or was it always. I don’t really know. I think the only song I really like about them was I Wish. Except from that, I feel like they just did really sad-ish or whiny song (and I kinda hate that). The only thing that kinda save it (a bit), is Lee Hongki’s voice. But really, please, next time, I really want a more upbeat song.

Can’t Have You is from Reply 1994. Most of Reply (any year) OST bored me to hell. This one is quite boring too, really OST like… So if you don’t watch the show, don’t bother. Or maybe just if you feel like wallowing and sobbing over yourself or something like that (bit even then, I feel like it’s not powerful enough).

Let’s talk about San E : I don’t like his music. So I have a hard time talking about the few tracks that are here. To My Ex-Girlfriend doesn’t even deserve the position it’s at right now. It’s terribly boring and too typical for standing out from, well, anything. Wish You To Be Unhappier, even though I like the title of the song, is even more boring than the previous one. And it’s vulgar when, with this title, I would have expected (and maybe even enjoy) witty lyrics and upbeat funny stuff over stupid vulgarity and complaints. My Girlfriend’s Mama is a bit less boring since it’s more upbeat, more fun, more what the previous one should have been. It’s almost good enough for me to ponder my impression about San E. But it’s still quite hard with how crappy was Wish You To Be Unhappier. And at one point, I still get bored.

Hurtful is just bleh. I have no other word. It’s sound like those reunion song for a cause, but with the great song to make all the voice come together (and it’s not that there’s many singer in this one, it’s the back chorus that makes it sounds like that). The sound feels outdated or cheap. I really don’t like it. I don’t hate it, but it makes me feel weird and I would prefer not having to listen to it.

Rose Motel’s song is fine. It’s a smooth song, but it’s also nothing special. It’s just a good song to listen to while doing something else maybe. Like in the afternoon. But the last part really screw the first feeling of it, so it’s not that nice.

Wax is one of the “ballad goddess” of Korea. You can understand, as I do, even though I don’t like ballad. This song is both a ballad and from a OST. I don’t like it. It has everything a OST ballad is supposed to have… That said, I’m really interested in the drama it was done for, Empress Ki.

I’ll Be There is about the same as Wax’ song, but it’s maybe a tad more on the modern side.

SG Wannabes are really not doing for me. The Best of Me is a really classic vocal ballad. Not my style.

Don’t Look Back is a bit different for a OST song, but it’s still not all that great. I guess you need to watch the drama so you can related to the song. Even though I feel like it’s a ballad, it has a little rock twist to it.

Missing You, by 100% V (a sub-unit I guess), is a ballad. It’s fine, but again, I feel like it has nothing special or nothing that stands out.

G.O solo is good. It’s not the best song there is, but it’s fine and you can listen to it like the song from Rose Motel. It has a more “late night” vibe to it, like taking a bath or drinking some wine while finishing diner or something. It has this little “snap” sound following 2 or 3 hit-hat sound, like a sexy groovy song, you know?

Electroboyz’ Busted is good. In fact, about all the Electroboyz’ song I’ve listen to since their collad with Bigstar for the K-Food Day song are great. There’s always something catchy enough but not too intense for me to get “attached” too somehow.

My Love was intended for a Superstar K show. It kinda sounds like it too since you feel like it was made to perform, with some move and intense expression while you sing it… I’m not really into it since I feel like it’s a song for this purpose, but that doesn’t move me and, and it usual does not. But if you’re into performance like this or, like, American Idol stuff, you should check it out. Maybe browse around and find the performance itself on youtube, it might be a bit better that way (or maybe worse, since I’ve seen so many performance that were so-so in those kinda show in Korea).

That’s all folks!