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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place here
27. Lee Juck – Lie Lie Lie
28. Lee Jung – Where Is The Love (Duet with Ha Dong Kyun)
39. Moon Myung Jin – Crying Again OST
51. Bilasa – With You OST
58. Untouchable – Vain (feat. Koonta Of Rude Paper)
61. Phantom – New Era (feat. Navi)
90. Gavy NJ, The Seeya – Tear Up
91. VIXX – Only You

Song Chart
87. Standing Egg – Break Up For You, Not Yet For Me (feat. Park Shin Hye)
94. MATO – December 1st (feat. Lee Jae Hun)
95. Gummy, Big Brother – Only One
96. Rhythmking – Think About You (feat. Bumkey, Yeeun of Wonder Girls, Shorry J of Mighty Mouth)
99. Huh Gak – Falling
100. N.CA – Oh My God

Lie Lie Lie is a ballad like ballads you’ve heard before. That said, the MV is really pretty and artsy.

Where Is The Love is about the same as the previous song, but I prefer it. Maybe it has to do with the voices of both the singer in it. But the MV is kinda boring. And the song is not that wonderful either, it’s just better than Lie Lie Lie

Bilasa’s With You is really fun for a OST song. I won’t say it’s a song I’ll listen to more and more, but it’s different, more bubbly and just upbeat (yes, a OST song that isn’t ballad, it can happen!). I like it.

Vain is a hip-hop track as you might have guess. It’s more slow pace than what you would expect though. It’s alright I guess, but as you may know, it’s not the kind of music I like best so I’m not a good judge about this. It seems I’m having a hard time with the main rapper too since I has a tear tattooed on his face, and I really hate that.

Phantom’s New Era is alright too I guess. I have a hard time with almost all Phantom’s song, I don’t really know why. Either I feel like every one of them lacks a little something, either it’s their MV that don’t help. This one has a stripper in it, and I feel like it’s a bit untasteful. And for the “lack” of something, I feel like every part of the song by themselves are great, but there’s something wrong with the song as a whole somehow.

Tear Up is a strangely upbeat song for a title like that. That said, the song isn’t really that interesting. I have nothing more to say about it.

The new Standing Egg song is the opposite of Tear Up. It has something different from what you’re use to hear, the melody is quite interesting. The rapping part isn’t “clashing” with the rest of the song. I really really like it and I’m gonna listen to it more for sure. It makes me think about Miss $ style a bit.

Sadly, I don’t like December 1st at all. Yes, she’s good, but the song is terribly boring and the MV is too cliché. I just hate the music arrangement and the guy singing the chorus has a really cheesy voice. So no.

I think it’s a first : I actually like a Gummy’s song. It’s more upbeat this time. I won’t say I’m totally in love with it as it is a bit too much techno/dance for me. But at least, it’s a start.

I won’t say anything bad about Think About You since I think it’s good. But I don’t like it enough. I’ve got mixed feeling towards it, but I acknowledge it’s a good song. I think it might have been shot somewhere in Korea I absolutely wanna visit (the Yong-in Cafe Street).

Huh Gak’s Huh Gak. This song is no different from what he usually does. Nothing more to add. Maybe this one has a more K.Will vibe to it, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference anyway.

N.CA looks terribly young, her song is exactly that, maybe even a bit too young for my taste. I feel like it might have been Hannah Montana singing this.