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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place here
31. As One – Desire And Hope (2013 version)
33. Lim Jeong Hee – Feel So Good (feat. Hong Dae Kwang)
55. Yu Seong Eun – Healing
57. Ulala Session – To Lover
59. SoulStar – Perfect Night For Farewell
70. V.O.S – To Heaven
84. JIN – Gone
90. Lim Chang Jeong – Open The Door (feat. Kim Chang Ryul)
91. Kim Bum Soo – Last Love
95. Park Shin Hye – Story OST
96. Fiestar – I Don’t Know
97. Ledapple – With The Wind

Song Chart
90. How Do You Dool (Yoo Jae Suk & Yoo Hee Yeol) – Dance King
94. VIXX – Only You
98. Yoon Jong Shin – You Are As Beautiful As Ever (with Kim Yuna) (Accordion Ver.)
100. Naul – Memory of The Wind

As One song is not a new one, they’ve done it before. It’s just like an update version or something. Still, it’s pretty. As One always does pretty stuff anyway. But I’m not THAT much into it. It’s just alright.

Feel So Good is also nothing special, but it’s still alright.

When I first started to listen to Healing, I was super excited because of the gayageum. But then I recognize the girl singing as the one from another MV I hated. Then I realize that, as the previous one, this MV and song weren’t really good. It’s always a big blur of random stuff. I’m having a hard time with that girl I guess.

I think I like Ulala Session, most of the time. But this new song is just plain boring.

Soulstar actually draw an eye with 3 tears under it. So… well, as you might guess, it’s a ballad. I would say it’s not as bad as most of K-ballad I usually rant about, but it’s still nothing outstanding.

I think To Heaven is a cover. V.O.S does a great job, being live and all. But yeah, it’s OST like, ballad and all that crazy stuff so, well, no.

Now, about Gone, maybe I don’t have a heart, I don’t know. But it tries too hard somehow. That said, I really really love the young actress playing the blind girl, she’s just awesome. She also played in The Moon Embracing The Sun and was great in that too. Jin has a great voice, I guess. The song is alright, maybe. I don’t know, it just doesn’t touch me, at all. I find it too easy. I’m having a hard time getting into the “feeling zone” because I see how they want me to go there as if they had big shiny signs everywhere, pointing at the big reservoir of tears inside of me, it really bothers me a lot.

Kim Bum Soo = ballad = boring as hell. I think I can now say that there’s some ballad I like, and most of them I hate. And it’s mainly because those last one, I can imagine hearing them in cheap asian restaurant along side classical cover of old pop song.

I’m not watching The Heir (and don’t intend too). Story did nothing for me.

Fiestar is a weird group. I usually either really really like, or really really hate their song. That said this one I still don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I like the verse, but the chorus is a bit too much for me. And then, with the MV, it’s even harder because their MV are usually too much green screen and animated cheap stuff everywhere… So, though a MV is supposed to help/support the song, it kinda does not with them.

I use to like Ledapple, but lately, their song are so blehhhh. This one is no different. The girl they chose for the MV is weird-looking and the song is too softy-ballad for my taste.

How Do You Dool has another song? Dance King is interesting, but I would have like to see the perf. It’s energetic, more like what Yoo Jae Suk usually does. And there’s a few joke here and there, even though I don’t understand that much.

VIXX Only You is great even though it’s not quite the same as we’re used to with them. I really like the voice in the background, giving a different twist to the beat. The MV is mostly about them prancing around Sweden. But it’s great, I really like it.

Yoon Jong Shin really long name song is could have been really great. The instrumental is strong, really really strong. But then, the singing… It’s kinda lacking something. You can check it out to see by yourself, but yeah, you’ll see what I mean.