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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place here
26. 4MEN – Thorn Love OST
28. Double Play (Jun Ha & Kim C) – Will Be Gone (feat. Lee Sora, Beenzino)
35. WIN – Go Up (Team A)
39. Infinite Challenge – Yes, We Are Together
42. G.A.B (Gil & BoA) – G.A.B
43. Seventy Fingers (HaHa & Jang Kiha and The Faces) – Super Weeds Man
63. TroubleMaker – Turn Up The Volume
78. WIN – Climax (Team B)
89. Kim Jo Han – The Stars, The Moon, All For U (feat. Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa)
96. GRAY – Dangerous (feat. Jay Park)
99. Shin Jae – I Hope You Come Back Because Of This Song

Song Chart
78. Young Ji – I Don’t Want To Fall In Love
89. TroubleMaker – Attention
90. Lim Chang Jung – Open The Door (feat. Kim Chang Ryul)
91. Park Sihwan – Footstep
93. ROO – Even You Don’t Love Me
94. Kim Jae Joong – Just Another Girl
97. Hyunseung – The Girl Who Wants To Play (feat. HyunA)

We start off with a OST song, by 4MEN… I still was kinda intrigued since it was for the drama Empress Ki, and I really want to watch that soon. But well, it was a OST song sung by 4MEN….

Then, let me continue about the Infinite Challenge’s song :
First, I think most of the song in the rest of the Top 100 are much better than the one in the top 25.
Will Be Gone is interesting. It’s mellow and calm, with a rap part that fit well in it. I like it. It sounds more KIndie to me too.
Yes, We Are Together is the final song, sung by everyone. I guess it’s alright. But like most regroup good-bye-ish song, it’s also really kinda bleh if you’re not invested emotionally into the process.
G.A.B is actually quite good. I think it’s even my favorite of the whole bunch. I’m not that much into Gil, but with BoA it’s fine. If you check out the perf, I felt that BoA had a harsh voice whenever she says stuff to the audience, maybe she was sick I don’t know. Anyway, like about everything BoA does, it’s great.
I really like Super Weeds Man, even though I think it might not be as strong as G.A.B. The perf is really goofy. I think the match between HaHa and Jang Kiha and The Faces is a great one since they both are really funny artist/group. They always find a way to make fun of stuff while doing good music. I like it and I actually laugh while watching it.

Then, about WIN (aka Who Is Next – it’s a talent show) stuff :
Team A did Go Up, and it could be good, but I felt like they were out of tune a lot of the time and it really bothered me, a lot. So, the fact it’s a talent show and it’s seem it’s the final or something, but so many part are badly done… Eshhh. The song itself though, it’s alright.
Team B sang Climax. I think I prefer that one, mainly because there’s less part with the out of tune problem (even though there’s still plenty). Maybe it’s because there’s a lot more rap part in it. And I might prefer this one cuz of the clock stuff going on in the background, I find it pretty.

Then, moving on on the TroubleMaker new album :
Turn Up The Volume is the first song on the new album. And I actually prefer it over Now. It’s much more calm than Now or even Troublemaker though, but it has a nice quality to it. And HyunA actually sings in it. That said, I would still have been disappointed if they put this song has the main single because it’s sooo sooo far from the Troublemaker‘s awesomeness.
Attention is could have been this awesome main single I was looking for. I’m not saying I’m in love with the song, but with a great MV, I think I would be more on board. There’s this je-ne-sais-quoi to it that would have made it kinda not to far from the greatness of their first hit. I’ve seen the dance for this song in a perf show, and it’s closer too to what has made TroubleMaker so good in the first place. It’s the chemistry between both singer, mainly on the dance floor. I really don’t care much about their rubbing each other in the Now MV. Troublemaker was all about the chemistry and the dance… At least, if you give us a song that is not as good as the past single, give us some dance moves!
Last but not least, The Girl Who Wants To Play. Meeehh… It’s a ballad, and it’s kinda boring. HyunA shows yet again how much she isn’t a rapper, at all.

Kim Jo Han’s The Stars, The Moon, All For U is good. But somehow, I have this feeling I’ve heard this song somewhere before. Maybe it’s a “déjà vu” fuck up, like I’ve heard this exact song while I was browsing YouTube before but just don’t remember. It’s R&B, and it’s really good.

I Hope You Come Back Because of This Song is boring. Same goes for I Don’t Want To Fall In Love. Both are ballads…

Lim Chang Jung’s Open The Door is just so funny! It makes me think about Psy songs, both a lot less intense (which is not a bad thing). There’s lot of cameos in the MV too. The concept is kinda like the exact opposite of the one for Psy’s Gentleman. You should definitely check it out.

Park Sihwan’s Footstep is dull. Oh and yeah, it’s a ballad too.

Even You Don’t Love Me is a ballad done right. The MV is sure kinda boring, both the song is quite beautiful and ROO’s voice is really pretty too. One of my favorite this month.

I’m really not into Kim Jaejoong’s music, so Just Another Girl is not cutting it for me. It might be good for some though, I have not trouble saying it. But it’s really not my cup of tea, at least, not for now (we never know, it might grow on me).