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8traks playlist

MV Playlist

01. GI – Gi-Yeuk
02. Park Ji Yoon – Mr. Lee
03. Acourve – What I Want To Say
04. IU – Gloomy Clock (feat. Jonghyun of SHINee)
05. K.Will – You Don’t Know Love
06. SORAN – Ricotta Cheese Salad
07. 9Muses – Gun
08. Rhythm Power – Bond Girl (feat. Zion.T)
09. T-ARA – Number 9
10. U-KISS – She’s Mine
11. SHINee – Everybody
12. Seo In Young – Love Me (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)
13. STi – Look At Me Now (feat. Ultima)
14. The Papers & Lee Sung Kyung – I Love You
15. Yozoh – Alice in Weird Land
16. Shin Seung Hun – Sorry
17. SHINee – Symptoms
18. IU – Bad Day
19. SORAN – Your Love
20. Myu Myu – Welcome To This Wonderful Mart
21. TINY-G – Miss You
22. AOA – Confused
23. TroubleMaker – Now
24. Kahi – It’s Me
25. JomungeunBand – Say Something
26. Roo – Even You Don’t Love Me
27. Sweet Salt – Five Minutes Before Parting
28. Urban Zakapa – Walk Backwards
29. The Jaywalker – It Ain’t Over

Surprisingly enough, IU album is not total crap : there’s at least 2 songs I’ve been listening and enjoying.

GI’s Gi-Yeuk is incredible.

I love Park Ji Yoon’s comeback even though I would have prefer something more along the line of her last album.

Acourve’s song is AWESOME. I’ve stumble upon it on youtube even though there’s no MV. I fell in love with it right away.

SORAN is a fun band. I wasn’t sure at first with Ricotta Cheese Salad, even though I liked the concept and thought it was fun. But one night, I had a bad nightmare, woke up, but was really really tired and stayed in bed all frightened. I was trying to stay awake a bit to give myself time to “forget” and not fall asleep starting the nightmare where I had left it. I had a hard time cuz my eyes were closing by themself. Then, out of nowhere, I’ve started to have this song stuck in my head, and it helped soo much. It’s so funny and happy and FOOOD! So yeah, it drove the bad spirits away :)

Bond Girl deserve way more view, it’s a great hip song full of energy and of Zion.T, but the great one, not the one a bit bleh when he does a whole song. He’s a “featuring genius”.

I Love You is cute and bubbly, it’s a great song, but not over the top intense. It’s a happy ballad in a way. They should do more of them, happy ballad are great.

You’ll see that Alice in Weird Land is a OST song, but it’s great and different. It makes me think of BlueDawn, wich is a good thing.

SHINee’s Symptoms is way better than Everybody, that I’m almost not listening to anymore.

Sweet Salt have a great song and the MV is really really nicely done. The singer has great vocals and I’m enjoying this song more and more everyday.

The Jaywalker don’t do song like the one I’ve put usually. They’re more rock somehow. But this song is just, wow, I really like it a lot. It’s great for a night ride in town or just walking at night in deserted streets. It’s contemplative. Maybe it could be great for taking a long bath too (YES! I love “bath songs”!)

I don’t really listen to Seo In Young’s Love Me anymore. Grew tired of it since it came out in the early October. Same goes for AOA’s Confused, TroubleMaker’s Now (such a weak song), Kahi’s It’s Me, JomungeunBand’s Say Something and Roo’s Even You Don’t Love Me. Also, not listening that much Walk Backwards, though I’m still kinda fond of it.

Anyway, enjoy!