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01. K.Will – You Don’t Know Love      ↑(10)
02. IU – The Red Shoes      ↓(1)
03. Park Ji Yoon – Mr. Lee (feat. San E)      NEW
04. Busker Busker – Love, At First      ↓(2)
05. Lim Chang Jung – A Guy Like Me      ↓(2)
06. Soyu & Mad Clown – Stupid In Love      ↓(2)
07. G-Dragon – Crooked      ↓(1)
08. Busker Busker – Too Much Regret      ↓(3)
09. T-ARA – Number 9      ↑(4)
10. t Yoon Mi Rae – Touch Love OST      ↓(3)
11. Busker Busker – Love Is Timing      ↓(3)
12. Yu Seung Woo – U Who? (feat. San E)      NEW
13. Block B – Very Good      ↑(1)
14. Jung Joon Young – The Sense of an Ending      ↑(2)
15. IU – Everybody Has Secrets (feat. GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls)      ↓(6)
16. EXO – Growl      ↓(1)
17. Ladies’ Code – Pretty Pretty      ↑(5)
18. SHINee – Everybody      ↓(6)
19. Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) – As I Live      ↓(9)
20. G-Dragon – Who You?      ↓(3)
21. K.Will – It’s Not You      ↑(32)
22. G-Dragon – Black (Feat. Jennie Kim Of YG New Artist)      ↑(2)
23. San E – Story Of Someone I Know      ↑(5)
24. Busker Busker – Your Lips (with Chae Ji Yeon of Putput)      ↓(4)
25. Busker Busker – Cool Girl      ↓(7)

Oddly enough, all the song I love from IU’s new album are off the top 25. I guess me and Korean listener are not that much in sync about what IU sound should be and what she’s good at (*cough* not dancing *cough*).

At first, I didn’t know about Mr. Lee since I had great expectation about the next song of Park Ji Yoon because I loved loved loved her last album. I thought her next song would be in the same mood as Tree Of Life, but Mr. Lee is much more on the “happy side of things” and much more upbeat. I didn’t like the MV that much, I thought the concept was interesting, but it was just that : interesting. Maybe if they push it a little further or something. Or maybe if the added Lee Gwang Soo, and mostly made him dance. Anyway, after a while, I’ve started to really like this song. I think it has a lot to do with Park Ji Yoon’s voice, which is terribly pretty. And maybe a bit also about the sound of brass instruments.

I’m sorry, but I kinda hate Yu Seung Woo. So he’s new song doesn’t do it for me, even with San E in it (who seems to be the new featuring flavor of the month). I just really hate most of Yu Seung Woo’s song, they just always lack something somehow. I hear his voice, I can tell he’s good in some way, but I don’t feel anything towards him or his music. And I most certainly feel nothing towards his haircut (or maybe yes, but that would be something along the line of disdain).