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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place here
35. Jaurim – Twenty-five, Twenty-one
36. Shin Ji Hoon – Right There
37. Monday Kiz – Baby
45. 9Muses – Gun
46. Kim Bo Kyung – Want To Go Back In Time OST
53. K.Will – It’s Not You
69. SHINee – Symptoms
71. Kim Greem – Is This Love?
73. Roy Kim – Seoul Here OST
76. Moon Myung Jin – Listen
82. Lim Chang Jung – A Shot Of Soju
83. Shin Seung Hoon – I’ve Changed A Lot (with Choiza of Dynamic Duo)
84. JungIn – Autumn Guy
87. Lim Chang Jung – Long Time No See
88. As One – What Are We? (feat. Bumkey)
92. Girl’s Day – Let’s Go
93. K.Will – First Love End
94. Lim Kim – I’m Asking You OST
96. Kim Jae Joong – Sunny Day (feat. Lee Sang Gon of Noel)
100. Ylvis – The Fox

Song Chart
92. AOA – Confused
98. Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) – As I Live
99. Yoo Se Yoon – Kka Ttok

Ok, definitely, I’m having trouble with the voice au Jaurim. Twenty-five, twenty-one could be alright, but… ok, maybe not, it’s not that great, but still, I’m really not digging Jaurim at all. The MV is interesting though, being a critical eyes on the day by day routine and so on. But that’s not enough to make me like the song, sorry.

Right There is okay I guess. I’ll need to listen to it a few more times to be sure since it’s more to the ballad side… Thought I feel like the singer has a “younger” voice, and I’m not sure I like it in the context of the song. That said, this would be a great song for IU.

Baby is not that great, too much on the ballad/tremolo side, too much on the “I’m having a hard time to relate to the emotion” too.

9Muses is one of my favorite rookie girls group. They always succeed to make great up-beat songs. Gun is not different. It’s a great song with a great beat. It’s perfect for working out, running, doing anything you need to have a little boost to be able to complete. The MV in alright, not as great as the one for Wild, but good enough.

Want To Go Back In Time is a OST song… that’s it.

As I said before (in the last Top 25 review), I was not really into K.Will until You Don’t Know Love. The two other song that are in the Top 100 are not really my taste… He’s just, again, too much in the ballad side. I feel like he’s always searching for my tears on every note he sings, but I just don’t feel it…

SHINee’s Symptoms is really great. It’s a good song, it focus on the vocals, still, it also have a great beat even though it’s more slow than Everybody of most of their main song. I highly recommend it. It’s been stuck in my head for a while and I really enjoy it.

Kim Greem’s Is This Love? is kinda boring. It would make a great OST song…

Seoul here could be good. But somehow, I feel it lacks a little something to be more than just alright. Or maybe it’s just because of the OST vibe…

Listen is great, I think. I’m not that much into it somehow, I cannot really tell why since I just don’t know why… It’s really weird. I feel like it’s the kind of song that could end up in the Mea Culpa when I realize how great it is. But, somehow, I kinda feel like something is a bit odd. Maybe it’s the fact it makes me feel like an old R. Kelly song, and it kinda bothers me for some reason. Or it’s the overall cheezyness… I cannot put my finger on it. That said, you should definitely listen to it if your curious since I can recognize it has something. Ok, I think I might have it : it makes me think about Jay Park, how he makes ballad and pop-ish song here and there to please the non hip hop listeners. It’s like Moon Myung Jin’s trying to do the same, but in a weird way where he sounds more like a trot singer or a crooner. Anyway…

So Lim Chang Jung is making is comeback. That’s why there’s old song getting back in the chart. Both A Shot of Soju and Long Time No See are terribly boring. But I guess they remind good old time to some listeners from Korea.

I’ve Changed A Lot is really really… weird at first. Then it’s alright, then it becomes weird again. The chorus sounds… weird. I’m sorry I don’t have more words to explain it. But I don’t know how to describe the song better than this. It’s not really bad, it’s just unusual.

JungIn’s song is really interesting. I cannot tell if I like it yet, I’ll have to listen to it a few more times. But I like her voice at least so that’s good.

Even thought I really liked the last As One’s song, I really don’t like What Are We?. Oh, and the MV makes me want to vomit.

Let’s Go is like a weird “next step” after what Girl’s Day have delivered lately (Expectation and Female President). Someone said it sounded like old Kpop song, I kind of agree. I’m not really into it even though it could be okay in a certain point of view… It actually make me think of a sport anime opening somehow. I really picture them singing that song over japanese character playing baseball…

Lim Kim as a really really pretty voice, but the song is still from a OST. That said, I’m Asking You is actually quite pretty even if it lacks character a bit.

Sunny Day is really boring, nothing much to say about it.

I won’t say anything about The Fox since I assumed every one has watched it already. I don’t really get how it pop there exactly. But well…

About AOA last song, Confused, I wasn’t sure at first, but I grew to like it, maybe because somehow it makes me think about Alone, from Sistar, but like a more upbeat one. The MV is a tad boring though. But if you like butts, you’ll like it. I didn’t know AOA had so many members, the last MV I’ve seen from them, they were like 3 girls… Maybe I was distracted. I don’t really know them that much.

Kka Ttok is probably one of the weirdest MV I’ve seen in a while. And I feel it doesn’t serve the song really well since I’m more distracted by it than anything. I’m having a really hard time to wrap my mind around the song as a whole because of the MV. I think it’s point is mostly being a UFO MV, the audio part of it not being its main point but a tool for the humorous purpose.