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01. IU – The Red Shoes      –
02. Busker Busker – Love, At First      –
03. Lim Chang Jung – A Guy Like Me      ↑(3)
04. Soyu & Mad Clown – Stupid In Love      –
05. Busker Busker – Too Much Regret      –
06. G-Dragon – Crooked      ↑(11)
07. t Yoon Mi Rae – Touch Love OST      ↑(2)
08. Busker Busker – Love Is Timing      ↓(1)
09. IU – Everybody Has Secrets (feat. GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls)      ↓(6)
10. Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) – As I Live      ↑(75)
11. K.Will – You Don’t Know Love      NEW
12. SHINee – Everybody      NEW
13. T-ARA – Number 9      ↑(30)
14. Block B – Very Good      ↑(6)
15. EXO – Growl      –
16. Jung Joon Young – The Sense of an Ending      ↑(15)
17. G-Dragon – Who You?      ↑(2)
18. Busker Busker – Cool Girl      ↓(6)
19. IU – Love of B (feat. Park Joo Won)      ↓(11)
20. Busker Busker – Your Lips (with Chae Ji Yeon of Putput)      ↓(7)
21. IU – Between The Lips (50cm)      ↓(11)
22. Ladies’ Code – Pretty Pretty      ↑(7)
23. Busker Busker – Night      ↓(5)
24. G-Dragon – Black (Feat. Jennie Kim Of YG New Artist)      ↑(2)
25. Seo In Young – Love Me (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)      ↓(3)

A few new comer this week and one that emerge from the depth of the rest of the Top 100 (but I sure as hell don’t understand why). And, finally, Crooked is where it deserves to be: at least in the top 10.

I get/don’t get why As I Live got so high up the ranks. It’s pretty and all, but well, it’s kinda boring too. Anyway…

K.Will’s You Don’t Know Love is his first song I actually love. The previous one where alright, but they didn’t do it for me. This one though is a lot of fun even though it has this lovey-dovey side to it.

I had a hard time with Everybody. At first, I thought it was kinda of backtracking from all the growth SHINee has done over the year (Shelorck being, in my mind, their greatest achievement). Everybody sound like Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer, it’s a great song, but it’s kinda most of Super Junior’s songs : it has nothing you can relate to, except the chorus. I’m still having somewhat of a hard time with it since it’s like that and I cannot change my point of view on this. But, I’m enjoying it lately. That said, I think it won’t last long. As for Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer, I’ve listened to them for a while because they made me a) laugh, b) they were kinda fun, c) everyone else was listening to them, so maybe I was missing the point somehow. But I’ve dropped them really fast, finding myself skipping them most of the time they came up on shuffle. We’ll see for I long I stick with this one.

Then, Pretty Pretty… Well, it’s horrible. I was kinda disappointed with it since Hate You was really good. The concept of the MV is really terrible too. So yeah, if you’re in doubt, just don’t bother.