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For this one, I thought less of the overall popularity than how those songs actually marked my summer, how many of them are still on my “recent songs” playlist (it’s a playlist of never more than 50 songs so I need to regularly dropped some songs to add new ones, but I keep a few favorite – even songs that were release in April or old song I’ve just (re)discover) and how they fit in a summer theme playlist (kinda). It also has to do with my overall appreciation of them.

Almost made it : Lee Na Rae – Raining In Amsterdam
I thought it wasn’t fair to put it in the Top 10 since it was release too late in September to actually be a “summer song”. But my god this song is pretty. Yes, sure, it’s a lot like Lim Kim’s Rain, but I prefer Lee Na Rae’s song. I feel like Lim Kim has a more “earth-y” feel to her song and that Lee Na Rae is more “air-y”. And I think I prefer the music behind the voice of Raining In Amsterdam. Both song are more on the bright side even though they talk about rain, but Lee Na Rae is “lighter” maybe. There’s still a jazzy side to it though. Ok, maybe it’s just because I terribly love the intro with the whistles…

10. ODD EYE – Follow Me
This one I listened to it a lot. I really like it, a lot more than the few others (or just one, I don’t remember). I feel like it was good for this summer because of the chorus : the music is light and the singers have very crystalline voices. The violins are cool too. The MV is fine.

9. Kim Beggar – Tightwad
This one is an underdog. The first time I’ve listened to it, I was like “yeah great”. Then I’ve listened to it a few more times and it really grew on me. The MV is a but dull though. But I feel like this song was perfect for summer, it has an outdoors feel to it, like walking on the beach or next to a lake or something.

8. As One – Awkward Love
This one is really sweet. The MV is basically just a lyrics MV, but they did a great job at it, put a lot of effort in it. It’s kind of a really light ballad, but with a little happier twist.

7. YB – Mystery
This one I don’t get how it has not more views. The MV is awesome and the song is awesome. I just seriously do not get it. I really love this song and I listened to it a lot. You should check it out, it’s really really good. It’s more on the “rock” side, but it’s still kinda stay in the “easy listening” field somehow.

6. Bebop & Humming Urban Stereo – Maem Maem
I had a hard time to like this one. I was not sure about it somehow. But after a while, it really grew on me. It’s really fun and the dance feel to it is awesome. I’m not that sure about the MV exactly, but it’s not too bad.

5. Miss $ – You were not the… (Narr. Verbal Jint)
I really really like Miss $. I don’t know why they’re not more popular than this. The last MV I’ve seen from them wasn’t really great, but this song AND MV are really really good. I like the concept of the break up, not because they don’t like each other, but because he’s not the one. It gives a different twist to usual love song with all of the “saranghae” here and there. The great strength of Miss $ is the combo of both the vocals of the main singer and the rapper who’s really not bad at all. And, even though I’m not always into Verbat Jint, he’s doing a good job here.

4. WHOwho – Her
This one I instantly loved. It’s just a good old indie upbeat song. It got everything you want : synth, guitars, a good singer and a catchy chorus. It’s mostly in English so you can even sing along easily! The MV is basic, but who cares really? This song is good enough that they could have just put up a lyrics MV and it would still be awesome.

3. Primary – Happy Ending
This one was troubling because the MV is really boring. But the music caught me from the start so I was able to overlooked the never-ending jazzy dancing. It’s really smooth and the rap part fits well with the song. I’m still listening to it as of now. It’s a great song for drinking a glass of wine with friends while eating or having some fancy cheese or something. Or when you just want something not too calming so that you want fall asleep, but not too upbeat so you won’t get distracted. They should make more songs like this.

2. J-Sun – The Day Gently Melt (feat. Jung Hwan)
This one is THE underdog. It’s not the greatest song there is, it’s not the most outstanding. But it fits so well with summer! Mostly because the voice of the main singer feels like a cool breeze and the music is really refreshing too. It’s perfect also for the early and the end of summer because there’s something in the voices and music that is cool yet warm at the same time. It’s really hard to describe how much this song is really great in a subtle way. You really should check it out even though summer is gone. I still listen to it and enjoy it. Somehow, it feels like a grown up lullaby or something.

1. Dynamic Duo – BAAAM
How not to choose this song for number 1? I don’t know. Not only do I still listen and enjoy it a whole lot, it’s been my ringtone for a while now. It’s just one of the greatest song of the year, really. The chorus is so good it’s hard to understand. The only thing is the girl saying “bad girl gone badder” but sounding like she’s saying “bad girl gone better”. But even so. And the beat, gosh! It’s not just electronic stuff done by a program design to make catchy background rap beat (yes, that’s why they all sound a bit similar), but they worked on it. Freaking perfect is what it is.

I also want to mention the new album of Slow Diving Table, who is just awesome from the first track to the last. You really should check it out, there’s 2 MV available on YouTube, and they’re is a preview of about every track on the pastel channel too. It’s a great album, maybe even the best they made yet.