So T-ARA release two songs for their comeback…

The first one is called “Number 9”, and frankly, at first, I was TERRIBLY pissed. T-ARA is one of my favorite girls group. And my expectation were really high to say the least, since I’m use to the greatness of Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Bo Beep, and so many other great songs. I really enjoyed Jeon Won Diary, with the exuberant dance and the catchy rhythm. But then, why is Number 9 so unlike them?

At first, I felt like they went over the top with the sexy-sad-suicidal mood and the dance move looks kinda… I cannot find a word. But you know, most of the time, I find myself wanting to learn the dance moves that come with T-ARA’s song. But not this time. So what’s happening?

And I’m sorry but the clothing… I just hate it so so much. There’s this kind of “cheap” feeling to it. It’s not really sexy at all. Hyomin’s top is hideous. But of all the girls, it’s Qri that makes me cringe the most. I really really really hate the color and the way they styled her hair. It kinda looks like a bad wig…

But over time, it started to get stuck in my head and I’m know enjoying it. It’s definitely not the best T-ARA’s song there is, but it’s alright. The MV, either the one I’ve put here or any other version, is just not good enough though.

Then, they’ve also release this song :

And at the point, I was just FURIOUS.

WTF IS THAT? Just don’t do a MV if you won’t even try to kinda do something with the fact you’re adding a visual part to the music. I mean, anyone could do that! I was so frustrated by this since the song isn’t good enough to be able to pull off this kind of concept. Just stick to “Number 9” and don’t go rubbing this in the face of the fans. You can see I’m not the only one thinking that since the view count is terribly low for a T-ARA MV.

At one point (before I’ve started to like Number 9), I actually thought this was the end for T-ARA. I wanted to go and throw an egg at Core’s building (like this guy, but I would have succeeded).

But then I came to my sense. At the pace things change in the Kpop world, I can wait for their next comeback to get angry all over again.