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I’m sorry about this long hiatus. But I’m BACK!

Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place
26. IU – Obliviate
31. Jung Joon Young – The Sense of an Ending
32. IU – Daydream (feat. Yang Hee Eun)
36. IU – Havana
37. IU – Walk With Me, Girl (feat. Choi Baek Ho)
43. T-ARA – Number 9
49. IU – (Bonus Trak) Voice Mail
50. IU – Wait
63. Song Heejin – Memory Of The Wind
71. Kim Won Joo (4MEN) – Just One More Day
78. Lee HongKi (F.T. Island) – I’m Saying OST
80. Kahi – It’s Me (feat. Dumbfoundead)
85. Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe) – As I Live
87. Standing Egg – Once Again (with Han So Hyun of 3rd Coast)
93. DK (feat. December) – Moontan Road
95. Kim Jin Pyo – Walking Dead (feat. Lyn)
99. Jaurim – Icarus

Song Chart
94. Youme – Cheap Ring
97. VIXX – Girls, Why? (feat. Okdal)

To continue with the IU new album review :
Obliviate and Havana are in continuity with the album general cabaret/spanish/Rio festival vibe. But they’re not soft enough to be great. Too much of everything for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I like this kind of vibe from time to time, in the background when you’re eating/cooking/having people for dinner. But it needs to be somewhat subtle even when it’s hyper. And those songs are not.
Daydream could be great, and it’s actually quite pretty, but I’m not that fond of the Yang Hee Eun’s tremolo. Would have been better without him. They should have replace him by a younger singer, either a man or a woman, it would have been really good. And I know it’s crazy but I find the song a bit too long (so maybe a bit boring).
Walk With Me, Girl is almost the same as Daydream. But it’s not as pretty or as good. Sooo yeah…
Voice Mail is weirdly synchronized with the music and/or beat. So it comes through as just weird or all over the place. It could be so good and pretty though. But, well, it’s not.
And, finally, Wait. More than half of the track is an instrumental tango, and the singing doesn’t save anything. It’s the most useless song of the album.

I’m sorry to say that, but even though Jung Joon Young has a great voice, I really don’t like the songs he sings. And The Sense of an Ending is not an exception to this.

You can learn more about T-ARA’s comeback in the next post called “Disappointment Island #1“.

Memory Of The Wind is a cover, Song Heejin is in the Top 10 of Superstar K5. She has a pretty voice, but I kinda feel nothing towards the song, or her way of singing it. It’s great, but I would have like to feel deeply touched by it if you know what I mean. I even think I prefer the original version of the song, you can check it out here. The original feels less “forced”. Song Heejin sings just a bit much to intensely for the song.

Just One More Day is boring as hell.

I’m Saying is not really good. I like the fact it’s upbeat, unlike most of OST song. But it doesn’t make it good… I feel like it’s lacking something somehow.

Kahi’s It’s Me is a great surprise. I wasn’t expecting much from her solo career to be honest (she was a member of After School). But I like this song. It’s not the greatest song ever made, but it’s good. And I feel it’s much more mature… in a really mature way. You know, most girls group do sexy stuff to make the “mature” transition from cute stuff. It doesn’t really play the sexy card either, it’s just enough everything. The song is sexy, the music is, but Kahi doesn’t have to be rubbing everything on her way to underline it even more. Good job Kahi!

I don’t really get the context that surrounds As I live. But it sure as hell sounds like an OST to me. And I’m not really liking it.

I’m really surprised by Moontan Road. I like it. It’s fun.

I’m not that much into Walking Dead even though the concept is interesting. I’m not really into Lyn either so maybe that’s why. And all the rap part (so most of the song) is not really good…

Jaurim sound like a mix between Bjork, Imogen Heap, Dido and some of the weird vocal sound Shakira makes. I hate it even though I like most of those singer. The song and the sound of her voice just don’t go well together. It’s kinda awful.

Cheap Ring is boring, so is the MV.

And I was sooooo disappointed by the new VIXX song. I really really like VIXX. They’re like my favorite rookie boy group. But I really prefer them when they are “darker”. I like their last song before this one even though it was bubbly and cute, but it still had character somehow. Girls, Why? is just so generic…