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I’m really sorry I’m so late this week, I’m just terribly busy and tired, I need to get some rest lately because my heart is starting to skip beats here and there (not metaphorically) and that’s not a good sign.

01. IU – The Red Shoes NEW
02. Busker Busker – Love, At First ↓(1)
03. IU – Everybody Has Secrets (feat. GaIn of Brown Eyed Girls) NEW
04. Soyu & Mad Clown – Stupid In Love –
05. Busker Busker – Too Much Regret ↓(3)
06. Lim Chang Jung – A Guy Like Me ↑(1)
07. Busker Busker – Love Is Timing ↓(4)
08. IU – Love of B (feat. Park Joo Won) NEW
09. t Yoon Mi Rae – Touch Love OST ↓(4)
10. IU – Between The Lips (50cm) NEW
11. IU – Modern Times NEW
12. Busker Busker – Cool Girl ↓(6)
13. Busker Busker – Your Lips (with Chae Ji Yeon of Putput) ↓(5)
14. IU – Bad Day NEW
15. EXO – Growl ↓(3)
16. IU – Gloomy Clock (feat. Jonghyun of SHINee) NEW
17. G-Dragon – Crooked ↓(1)
18. Busker Busker – Night ↓(9)
19. G-Dragon – Who You? ↓(6)
20. Block B – Very Good ↑(4)
21. Busker Busker – Juliet ↓(11)
22. Seo In Young – Love Me (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) ↑(13)
23. Busker Busker – Beautiful Age ↓(12)
24. Seo In Guk – No Matter What OST ↓(10)
25. Hyorin (Sistar) – Crazy of You OST ↓(10)

So IU album came out… I’m not really into the main song, The Red Shoes, it’s kinda lacking the “pezazz” I’m expecting from IU, even though the MV is sure as hell trying really really hard to be all “pezazz-y”. But I’m not really that much into the MV either. I kinda like one part with the feather boa, and that’s about it. I feel like IU is not playing her usual role in the MV and, even though I know it’s stupid, it kinda bothers me. + She not a good dancer! And I have this awkward feeling, tell me if you feel the same : with her long hair, I feel like they’re trying to make her look like Lim Kim or something.

Everybody Has Secrets is alright I guess. The same goes for Love of B, Between The Lips (50cm) – such an awkward title… They all have that cabaret jazz feel to it, but I feel like it’s not such a good choice for IU since we’re used to more playful, young or ballad songs from her.

Modern Times is a little better, maybe because it’s more on the playful side, but it’s not better than The Red Shoes, so it’s not that great.

My favorite ones are Bad Day and Gloomy Clock, and surprisingly enough, the first one is a ballad and the second one is almost a ballad. They’re just not at all cabaret and jazzy, they’re more like the IU sound I’m use too and both of them are really pretty. I don’t know if I like them enough to listen to them more than a few times though, I’ll have to see.

I’m gonna talk about Love Me, Seo In Young new song since I totally forgot to do so in the past Newbies post. For me it was an instant like. I like her, even though she does all those close up face in most of her MV, which make her look full of herself. But I still like her, maybe because it’s part of her “character” (I’m talking about We Got Married, first season). I’m usually into her music too so it wasn’t a big surprise. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like the electro vibe here and there, but it’s fine, I got use to it.