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I’ve tried to put somewhat of an order in the countdown, but it’s really not based on anything, except a bit on overall popularity and my own impression (about overall popularity and about the fact that either I’ve been listening to the song a lot during this summer or that I’m still listening to it now).

So here it is (and sorry about not posting as much this week, it was kind of a big week for me)

The runner up that almost made it : KARA – Damaged Lady
This song is like other KARA’s songs. It’s really catchy in a “you’ll have it as a earworm out of nowhere and won’t be able to find from whom this song is”. The catchiness of KARA is different since it’s subtle, but in a way, that makes it much more brilliant. The song is great. Everytime I here the chorus, I have a sudden urge to do the dancemove with the arm and stuff. But since it was release not so long ago and that it has a little less view than other video from this summer, I went for other song for the top 10.

10. INFINITE – Destiny
OK, hear me out : I really really like this song. As of now, I think it might even be the song of INFINITE I like the most. The thing is though, it didn’t do that well on any chart this summer and I feel like people forget about it faster than BATOOST’s Shadow (that was, in every point, inferior to Destiny). I think it has everything to do with the MV clusterfuck that happened because of the place scene. They release just one version of the video with all those part edited out and couldn’t release the drama version. So yeah. Even though the MV is not everything, it really help sometimes. Some really really mediocre song got much more popularity than they really deserve base only on the quality of the song because the MV was either entertaining or beautiful. That said, I still listen to this song and you could say it was there for a segment of this summer so that’s why it made #10.

9. G-Dragon – Crooked
I really like this song. BUT it’s not the best of G-Dragon, it’s no Crayon or That XX or even One Of A Kind (I kinda don’t like this one, but I’m trying to be a bit objective here). And it came out at the beginning of September. Personnally, even though I like it, I really feel it won’t have as long a life as the few other song I’ve just mentionned. It’s a lot better than the boring Coup d’État and the Michi-GO WTF though. But it’s still a good G-Dragon song, and G-Dragon’s song always are a bit better than all the crap we get throughtout the year.

8. Jay Park – I Like 2 Party
This one is a personnal choice since the song has roughly a million views though it was release in July. Ok, a million is big, but not that much compare to other songs and how they usually do and stuff. But it FUCKIN KICKS ASSES. And, as the last 2 Jay Park’s song that were release earlier this year, I’m totally in love with it. So yeah, it followed me all summer and I still listen to it and enjoy it as much. The MV is funky, though I prefer the one for JOAH and Welcome (this one for obvious reason).

7. Girl’s Day – Female President
I don’t know if this one is a more personnal choice, but I feel like this song was kinda really popular in Korea for a while and it has a lot of views too. This one was an instant like for me, just like Expectation. Girl’s Day is really coming out of is cuteness shell lately and I like it. It seems Korea like it too. I don’t know about international fans though. The MV is alright, I prefer the one for Expectation with THE dancemove and the (kinda boring) storyline. I really listen to this song a lot this summer, but at some point, I dropped it for newer songs. I didn’t really had time to get tired of it though and I still enjoy listening to it from time to time.

6. EXO – Growl
Why not higher? Because I’m not a fuckin EXO sasaeng! This song is good and the MV is really nicely done. I still listen to it and, obviously, it’s popular as hell. But, for me, there was so many other great song this summer. And some of them deserve more higher rank than this one. I wonder, if this song was not an EXO song, would it have 14 millions views? Maybe not. Don’t get me wrong, I really really really like it, really. But maybe it’s the sasaeng phenomenon aftershock, I’m always not as enthousiastic as I could be towards EXO because of the gigantic hype around them. Or maybe I’m just a child and it has something to do with reverse psychology…

5. Seungri – Gotta Talk To U
“Hey! You’ve just said about Crooked that it was release in September and stuff!” Yeah, so what? Gotta Talk To U is an awesome song. I just totally love it, a whole lot more than Crooked. A whole lot more than some of the song I put on higher ranks for some other reasons. So deal with it. The MV is not great, but who cares? The song is that good. For me, this song might even be it the Top 10 of 2013. Yeah, the whole freakin year.

4. Henry – Trap
I took me a while to like this song. I wasn’t sure because of the Bieber feel to it and I thought I might be tricked into liking something my principle would not allow me to like (a bit like the EXO feeling I got). But after I say Henry on variety shows, I was like “this guy is talented and funny (and kinda cute), so he’s legit”. Then I listen to the song, A LOT! He’s not an EXO member and his song has 10 millions views. Just that says a lot. Ok, you’ll say that there’s Taemin and the other dude and stuff, but seriously, I don’t mind, it’s still his song. I would have change the clothing and some of the dancemove in the MV though, maybe that’s a bit why I was suspicious at first. I mean, we’ve never seen that dude and he’s acting like he’s a freakin gansta and like he owns the place, and he’s not that good of an actor… it was too Bieber-ish for me… That said, for me, this is one of the songs that really marked this summer. It’s just such a fun song and I don’t know, it’s extremely catchy. I really like the bridge part with the high notes and Kyuhyun.

3. Sistar – Give It To Me
Some might not agree with me on this one, but seriously, it was immensely popular this summer. The official MV has more than 9 millions views, and the choregraphy alone has over 3 millions views (and it’s not an MV). For a girls group, it’s really really good (yeah, since girls group always have less views). At first, I thought it was great, but not as good as Alone. Wow, was I wrong! This song is just on a different level of awesomeness, that’s all. The MV is really beautiful and I feel like it showcase each girls (not equally, but at least, it made the effort to do so). I’m not really listening to it anymore, but that’s mainly because I listened to it ALL SUMMER LONG. At one point, in September, I was like : “okay that’s enough now”. That said, I still enjoy and like it a lot, it’s just I felt it was unfair to other song… somehow. (I know I’m weird)

2. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar
If you still have to ask, where were you this summer? This song hasn’t as many views as other, but it was, by far one of THE songs of this summer. At first, I wasn’t sure because, well, it was like an UFO dropped in my computer. But the dance, man the dance… It’s so catchy I almost exploded. And it’s simple enough so that you can follow without being a natural born dancer. The song is good, it’s not the greatest song ever though. If they would have come up with the drama version of the MV first, I feel like it wouldn’t have been as popular. What makes this song is the dance MV. It’s just so quirky and fun. Anyway, you get my point. I know there’s 2 kind of people out there : the one that like it a lot and those who hate it. You cannot go in between with this. And well, I like it. And even if you hate it, you cannot deny that it was this summer song… That said, I don’t get the “r” in the title when the hangul title doesn’t have the ㄹ at the end of the words. Anyway.

and finally…

1. MBLAQ – Smoky Girl
Who can deny the awesomeness of this song? If you try, go check the MV again a few time please. This song is probably one of the greatest of this year. It took me about 3 or 4 times before I started liking it. The MV tricked me at first because I felt the intro was too slow and that the song took its time to really get upbeat and stuff. I still listen to it as of now, and I’m still super pumped when it starts to play on my Ipod. I still want to dance to the chorus. It’s just… okay, maybe not the best song ever, but one of the greatest song Kpop industry made. I like the MV (not love) because of the way they play with the black and white theme, it really suits the song well.

Here’s the playlist :

So, what do you think about this Top 10? Did I forgot a song that undoubtfully needed to be in it? Let me know in the comment section.