So this one I hate at first. The MV was too pretentious, like, I haven’t heard that much about them before and the intro of the MV is all about how they are internationally a big hit with this song… Yeah, those kind of staging are not my cup of tea. And the “quack” in the chorus… I couldn’t help but thinking about ducks.

But then, while I was watching the latest video of Eat Your Kimchi and they said something about the fact this song was suppose to be a T-ARA song, I’ve tried it again. They said about the same thing I was thinking about the MV, so it made me wonder if I listened to the song more, but without watching that stupid MV, maybe I would like it since I like the style T-ARA usual go with.

And it hit me… This song is good!

F-ve Dolls – 1st Soulmate (aka Soulmate, aka Soulmate #1)

I’m not really a big fan of F-ve Dolls too so maybe that’s was I had a hard time at first. But seriously, everytime it comes up on my playlist, I always feel like I’m listening to a T-ARA song. I still kinda laught at the “quack”, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. And without the MV, the song actually makes a lot more since to me. It’s just fun to listen to it and get psyched!