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Total Chart
Newbies from 1st place to 25th place on Melon chart
28. Block B – Be The Light
37. FTIsland – Memory
46. Youme – Last One (feat. Joosuc) OST
64. Jay Lee – I Am Sorry
86. Crayon Pop – Dancing Queen 2.0
87. Choi Hyun Joon (V.O.S) – The Last Time (Korean ver.)
88. Dawn – Sleep And Go (feat. Baechigi)
97. Ulala Session – Draw OST
98. Kye Bum Zu – Something Special (feat. Dok2)
100. Yoo Seong Eun – Twilight OST

Song Chart
86. Insooni – Beautiful Girl
89. INFINITE – Request
93. Lim Chang Jung – Lunge Fine

Be The Light, from Block B, is alright. I’ve listened to it a lot and I cannot really tell if I like it or not. Maybe it’s a bit lacking somewhere, though they put a lot into the MV, wich is good. I’m kinda use to the more “rough” side of Block B, but I can confess I much more prefer this kinda pop-sounding sound with some hip-hop part here and there, even though this song isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

FTIsland… why? Why is your song so deceiving? I really like this band, they hold a special place in my heart cuz their a little different than the rest of Kpop boys band. But this song is just… I don’t know, it’s so… not special. Even with the kinda rock vibe, it just doesn’t do it, at all. And the MV is just backstage scene and other stupid scene I don’t care about.

Youme’s Last One is an OST song for Master’s Sun. You should know by now that I kinda hate OST song. But this one, even though I’m not in love with it, it’s a little different from what were use to in the Korean OST field : 1.there’s a rap part, 2.it’s still kinda on the soft side, ballad-ish and sadness all over and stuff, but a tad bit more like a usual Kpop softer song. It doesn’t have the usual OST composition. You should check it out and see by yourselves.

Jay Lee’s I Am Sorry is boring. Nothing more to say about it. Even tough they tried so hard to do something interesting with the MV, I’m still terribly bored.

Dancing Queen 2.0 is not Bar Bar Bar : it’s not as good and it won’t do as good either. Even the dance is bleh. It made me think about Crayon Pop debut song and video : also kinda bleh.

The Last Time, from Choi Hyun Joon, makes me think of something that would have happen if someone put lyrics on Kenny G music. So, yeah, boring too.

Ulala Session’s Draw is an OST and that’s that.

Kye Bum Zu released two songs lately, and both of them are really not that outstanding. In fact, they’re a little bleh. So Something Special is definitely not something special.

Twilight is a weird OST song. Looks like it’s for a paranormal or alien drama or something like that. And it’s terribly pompous… It reaches new heights in OST shittyness, really.

Beautiful Girl, from Insooni, really suprised me. I though it was gonna be a dull upbeat grandma song or something. But it’s actually really good. The MV is a bit boring though, but if they did like a disco setting and stuff, it would have been awesome. I’m definitely gonna listen to it a bit more to see if my first impression on this last more than a few days. I guess it might go up the chart fast.

I HATE REQUEST. I’m sorry, but this song is so terrible. I’ve tried, really hard, since I like INFINITE and all. But I can’t. It feels like a bad debut song of some junior band. The only part I recognize some INFINITE in this is the dance, and even there, I’m kinda dissapointed.

And don’t get me started on Lunge Fine. It sounds like the put 2 songs in 1 and there’s even part where it’s totally not harmonious, at all. At time I even though there was another video playing on my computer because it felt like some part where not sync or something. That said, I could have been alright, if they put a little less in it or something. It’s like they’ve tried too hard.