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01. Busker Busker – Love, At First      NEW
02. Busker Busker – Too Much Regret      NEW
03. Busker Busker – Love Is Timing      NEW
04. Busker Busker – Cool Girl      NEW
05. Busker Busker – Your Lips (with Chae Ji Yeon of Putput)      NEW
06. Soyu & Mad Clown – Stupid In Love      ↓(5)
07. Busker Busker – Juliet      NEW
08. Busker Busker – Night      NEW
09. Busker Busker – Beautiful Age      NEW
10. Busker Busker – Autumn Night      NEW
11. t Yoon Mi Rae – Touch Love OST      ↓(9)
12. Seo In Guk – No Matter What OST      ↓(7)
13. Lim Chang Jung – A Guy Like Me      NEW
14. G-Dragon – Who You?      ↓(11)
15. EXO – Growl      ↓(11)
16. Shin Young Jae (4MEN) – You’re All Talk      NEW
17. Hyorin (Sistar) – Crazy of You OST      ↓(10)
18. G-Dragon – Black (Feat. Jennie Kim Of YG New Artist)      ↓(12)
19. G-Dragon – Crooked      ↓(11)
20. San E – Story Of Someone I Know      ↓(10)
21. Sunmi – 24 hours      ↓(12)
22. Bumkey – Attraction (feat. Dynamic Duo)      ↓(11)
23. Zia & Lee Hae Ri (of Davichi) – If You Loved Me      ↓(11)
24. APink – No No No      ↓(11)
25. Drunken Tiger, tYoon Mi Rae, Bizzy – The Cure      ↓(10)

Oh Korea… You might love the new Busker Busker a lot, but that’s not a reason to put ALL its freaking tracks in a chart. Litteraly, their is 9 tracks on the new album, they are all here, and in the top 10… I don’t quite get it. Either it has something to do with a somewhat abnormal process where music companies pay to get higher in the chart, or people love the album THAT much (but… it’s kinda too weird, no?)

Anyway, I listened to it, so here is my REVIEW of their second album (in the proper track order of the album though)!
Autumn Night has a beautiful flute and piano intro. In fact, well, it’s not just the intro, the whole song is an instrumental track. So yeah, it’s pretty. That said… Well, for instrumental track, most of the time, if they are not astonishing by themselves, I need to be able to relate them to a movie scene or a TV show or something…
Too Much Regret is a bit better than the main track (Love, At First), but they are quite similar. I just feel that the main singer is “crying” less in this one, or that he sings a bit less with his nose while reaching the high notes of the chorus.
Love Is Timing is a lot better. The more upbeat tempo helps to forget the first two. It’s more similar to Cherry Blossom Three (if it’s the proper song title, I’m not quite sure). I don’t know if it will stick with me somehow, I’ll try listening to it a few more time. I really kinda like it!
Love, At First is the one with the MV. It’s kind to mellow for me, but the thing with Busker Busker is that I always start by kinda not liking the main song, then it grows on me. So this song might end up it the next Mea Culpa, I don’t know.
Cool Girl is more upbeat, like Love Is Timing, but a bit more than this one. That said, I don’t like it as much. I feel it’s kinda of an in-between song that fills up the album, but like, no one really care about it that much, you know?
Your Lips feel like a summer ukulele song. The voice of Chae Ji Yeon is refreshing. I really enjoy this one, it’s light and fun (so the main singer isn’t nagging all the time). Makes me think of the Curious George album, by Jack Johnson.
Juliet is just a tad too much for me. Maybe the most upbeat song of the album. It makes me think of ska song, with the trumpets. That said, if yo like ska music, you might like this.
Beautiful Age is alright. But I feel like there’s nothing really standing out that much, I cannot differentiate it from the rest of the album if you get what I mean.
Finally, Night could be really good. But it feels a bit like they tried too hard with this one. It feels like a spy song, or a night cat song, like going around being cautious and then running cuz you’re scared by something/someone that wasn’t dangerous. Or whatever. The chorus is both the best and the worst of the song. It’s just not synchronize with the rest of the song, but it’s not bad in itself. Weird song.

Overall, I would say it’s an okay album, with 2 or 3 good song, but I feel like they tried to hard here and there. And I hate when people sings like they are nagging or crying. Don’t get me wrong, when singer actually cry whole singing, it’s a lot better than what I’m trying to describe. It’s the “singing like” that make it sound so… bleh. I hope they do another MV with a more bubbly upbeat song, like Lips or Love Is Timing.
I would give it something like 2.5/5, mainly because I feel there’s not that much memorable songs, that I feel they went I all kind of direction (it’s a bit too much) and that I really like just 2 or 3 songs out of 9.

Lim Chang Jung’s A Guy Like Me is alright. I would say it’s good into its genre or something like that. Just not really my taste is all.

For You’re All Talk, you can go check what I’ve said about it here.

Nembies of this week will follow, maybe tomorrow or wednesday.