So yeah, every now and then there’s a song I either totally hate or just really do not care for. But after a month or so, something happens, and BAM! I fall in love with it.

This one (Be Warmed by Davichi) I always was kinda not terribly into it, but I could recognize it was kinda good. There was a comment about it on Youtube that lingered into my mind for a long while. But I couldn’t find it again. It said something about the name in Korean, the double meaning of it, about getting warmer and melting. And that Korean was a beautiful poetic language. If someone knows about what I’m talking about, please enlighten me because I’ve searched to find exactly what is the exact meaning of the word, what it refers to. I think the comment was talking about cold winter days, it has something to do about warming yourself when you’ve been freezing outside or something like that. Anyway.

Anyway, so while searching for that one comment a month or so after dismissing the song, I listened to it again. And I fell in love with it.

I highly suggested, for those who didn’t, to check out the subtitles, the meaning of the song is sure a bit cheezy, but you know, it’s a love song so…

The voice of one of the two girls is really pretty. Mainly in those parts where she reaches some high notes before the chorus.

I’m not saying I’m in love with Davichi know though. This song is really great and beautiful, but most of their songs sucks really hard or are just horribly boring. That said, I’ll sure listen to them more carefully now.