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I’ll do a playlist about all the new song that pop out on the 100 chart. I’ll also giv my impression about it for the sake of not wasting time with dull song and stuff, and also becausee I want to.

Anyway, there’s one thin I realize : There’s many “different” Melon Chart (there’s even one only for OST, gosh). I realize I’m using the total one, that means it’s OST songs with “regular” ones. You’ve surely seen by now that I don’t really like OST song. That said, it happened here and there, in my life, that I actually liked a few. And I feel that, for the sake of mmmm, I don’t know, but like I prefer knowing what’s trending in Korea, and I mean ALL of the song that are trending. I’ll put a little OST next to those song now though.

That’s said, I’ll do only the “regular” one on my French website (that I didn’t updated for a long while – that said, you’ll be able to check out the list if you want to since the artist and the name of the song aren’t tranlasted in French) and I’ll do both for the Newbies section.

One other thing : I realize the suggestions change everyday. Now I don’t have time to check the chart everyday and I didn’t find a section on the website where they put all the suggestion together, so I’ll just put the one I see when I check the chart.

So, without further ado, here are the Newbies :

Total Chart
05. Seo In Guk – No Matter What OST
20. Kim Jong Kook – How Come You Don’t Know OST
27. Ailee – Higher (feat. Yurima)
43. Yoon Jong Shin – What I Should Do Tomorrow
48. Electroboyz – Let It Rain
53. The One – Don’t Cry My Love OST
61. A.T – Don’t Be (feat. Geeks)
64. Kim Ra Yeong vs Jang Won Ki – Street Life
76. Seulong (from 2AM), Epitone Project – Summer, Night
86. Cho PD – 이건 아니지 않나 싶어 [~ Not Like Anna]
89. F-Ve Dolls – Can You Love Me?
98. Drunken Tiger, tYoon Mi Rae, Bizzy – Beautiful Life
100. Sweden Laundry – 목소리 [Voice] (feat. Junggigo)

Song Chart
(those that aren’t already in the Total Chart)
92. Bizniz – Get It Wet (feat. Shorry J of Mighty Mouth)
94. What Women Want – Curious (feat. Jung Yeop)
96. Takers – Troublemakers
98. Jungkey – Alone (feat. Kim Na Young)
100. Z.I.N (from D-Unit) – Don’t Want You To Enlist

My impression about the two first song is here; about Ailee’s and A.T’s song here.

I’ll just talk about the few ones I like, because most of them are either just ok or totally bleh. Let It Rain by Electroboyz happily suprised me. There’s a lot of song about the rain lately, maybe it’s the cold weather coming back, people are feeling sad or something. I though Electroboyz would have more like a “harsh” hip-hop sound to them, but this one is more like Coffee Shop, from BAP. The chorus is great, and it’s actully what sold me to this song. It give great balance to the “talked” part in between. And there’s a part where I hear them say “pika-wa, pika-wa, pika-wa”. Made me smile cuz I think about Pikachu… Anyway…

Street Life is good too. I wasn’t expecting anything since it comes from a Music Show with new talent, but I really enjoyed the jazzy feel of it. The girl’s voice is really pretty.

The Sweden Laundry song is not that great, but the band is interesting. I’ve checked out some other songs they made, it’s really good and different.

Bizniz’ Get It Wet is good. Took me some time to like it though since it’s a bit “upbeat agressive” somehow.

Curious, from What Women Want, is not that great, but I wanted to say that the aquarium in MV is SOOO awesome.

Takers’ Troublemakers is good, the MV is coming out soon so it might go up the chart a bit at that time. The two last song are good too, but not outstanding.