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Soompi.com relayed the great news about T-ARA’s comeback and what their agency said about it.

It goes like this

This new track will have a more powerful sound than previous songs, as well as have an emphasis on T-ara’s unique addictive sound.

So, to translate in human language : T-ARA will release a new T-ARA’s song.

I’m really anticipating this new track since I really love T-ARA’s music. But there’s another thing I really really enjoy, and it’s K-netizens going crazy for no (or almost no) reason. And T-ARA is usually one of the most criticized/hated/chastised girl’s group there is.

They sure had a great deal of scandal : strip webcam scandal, bullying scandal that led to Hwayoung quitting, Areum’s quitting, depressed tweets scandal, plastic surgery scandal, nipslip scandal, submember age scandal (aka “Kim Kwang Soo is a pedophile” scandal); and the three most ridiculous ones : Japan imperialist flag scandal, eating-out-of-a-pot scandal, Boram’s telekinesis [yes, you’ve read that right]. Hell, even Soompi.com made a article called “T-ara’s 7 Most Controversial Moments“.

But that cannot be the only cause of the T-ARA hatred (since some scandal are produced by this hatred). I suspect it has also a lot to do with the fact that : 1 – they are girls (if you didn’t know already, Korea is a man’s world), 2 – they are succesful (most of the time).

Anyway, as a netizen said before about T-ARA and one of the many scandal they’ve had :

The claims are a bit far fetched but they deserve the hate anyway

So, about the comeback : I really hope this new song is awesome, but either way, we’re gonna have so much fun since if it’s good, K-netizens will find a way to create a scandal, if it’s bad, they’ll just have more material to work with.