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01. G-Dragon – Who You?      NEW
02. t Yoonmirae – Touch Love      ↓(1)
03. G-Dragon – Black (Feat. Jennie Kim Of YG New Artist)      NEW
04. EXO – Growl      ↓(1)
05. Hyorin (Sistar) – Crazy of You      ↑(1)
06. Sunmi – 24 hours      ↓(4)
07. Bumkey – Attraction (feat. Dynamic Duo)      ↓(3)
08. San E – Story Of Someone I Know      ↓(3)
09. KARA – Damaged Lady      NEW
10. G-Dragon – Coup D’Etat (Feat. Diplo & Baauer)      NEW
11. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar      ↓(4)
12. Baek Ji Young – Is Crying      ↓(4)      
13. APink – No No No      ↓(4)
14. Lyn – I Like This Song      ↑(2)
15. G-Dragon – R.O.D. (Feat. Lydia Paek)      NEW
16. f(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum      ↓(6)
17. Ailee – U & I      ↓(5)
18. Huh Gak – That You’re Mine (feat. Swings)      ↓(7)
19. JYP – Love Is The Best (with Namgung Song Ok, Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)      NEW
20. Lee Seung Chul – My Love      ↓(6)
21. G-Dragon – Crooked      NEW
22. Zia & Lee Hae Ri (of Davichi) – If You Loved Me      NEW
23. G-Dragon – Niliria (feat. Missy Elliott)      NEW
24. Gummy – Day And Night      ↑(3)
25. Navi – I Ain’t Going Home Tonight (feat. Geeks)      NEW

I have to say I really hate it when a new album comes out and they just splatter the song throughout the chart. I find that terribly stupid and pointless.

About all the new song of G-Dragon : I hated Coup D’Etat. The MV is great though, the scene are pretty and stuff. But the song feels like a mashup of a few verse of older G-Dragon’s songs and it has nothing that stand out on its own. It’s just really bleh. The only phrase I find myself repeating sometime is “This is my coup d’état”, but mainly when I’m angry at the stupid shit the government is doing. Crooked is good. The MV’s alright, but I wanted more since the last one was so intense but had such a “meh” song. I’ve listened to the other songs that are on the chart this week, and most of them are either alright or good. R.O.D. is a bit boring though. If he release another MV for this album, I hope it would be either Who You? or Black. The song with Missy Elliott is kinda boring too… But I think they might jump on the idea of doing a MV with a USA has-been, sooo yeah, I sure hope not.

The JYP song is good, though do not stand out that much.

Gummi’s song is not new, it was there in the chat of week 4 of august. It’s still an OST song, nothing has change about that.

I really like the new KARA song. It’s great, the MV is alright. I like KARA even though they aren’t as popular as some other girls group. They usually release pretty good song and this one is exactly this. It’s growing more and more on me.

At first, I wasn’t sure about Navi’s I Ain’t Going Home Tonight. I thought it was kinda tacky or something. But when I don’t look at the MV, I like the mood of the song. So I think this will also grow on me.

So that’s about it. I might expend this website to other stuff pretty soon, maybe talk a bit about my input on some korean gossip or stuff like that. Since I’ve started 2 others website about korean stuff (link on the sidebar or on the header part), I might use this website to put lighter stuff that take less of my time to write and orchestrate. I’ll see about that.