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01. San E – Story Of Someone I Know      ↑(14)
02. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar      ↑(1)
03. f(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum      ↓(2)
04. Ailee – U & I      ↓(2)
05. APink – No No No      ↓(1)
06. EXO – Growl      NEW
07. 2NE1 – Do You Love Me?      NEW
08. Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill      ↓(3)
09. BATOOST – Shadow      ↓(1)
10. Davichi – Missing You Today      ↓(4)
11. Dynamic Duo – BAAAM (feat. Muzie from UV)      ↓(4)
12. Lee Seung Chul – My Love      ↓(1)
13. Yu Seong Eun – Be OK (feat. Baechigi)      ↓(1)
14. Sistar – Give It To Me      ↓(4)
15. 2NE1 – Falling In Love      ↓(6)
16. Bumkey – Bad Girl (feat. E-Sens of Supreme Team)      –
17. Kang Seung Yoon – It Rains      ↓(4)
18. Huh Gak, Jeong Eunji (APink) – Short Hair      –
19. INFINITE – Destiny      ↓(5)
20. Girl’s Day – Female President      ↓(3)
21. Lim Jeong Hee – Luv Is (feat. Baechigi)      NEW
22. Lim Kim – All Right      ↓(3)
23. Gummy – Day And Night      NEW
24. Jung Yeop – Why Did You Come Now?      ↓(4)
25. Sistar – The Way You Make Me Melt (feat. Geeks)      –

About EXO’s Growl, I had a hard time with this one. I hated, but like HATED Wolf. And the thing with EXO is somewhat the same with Justin Bieber : I hate their fans. That said, EXO are not idiotic, so that’s a plus on Justin Bieber. The craziness of the fans clouds my jugement on their music. But Growl is good. It took me a while to understand it, also cuz the video is mainly them dancing around. But the video is also good since it was shot in only one take, so it shows they have talent and stuff.

Now, for Do You Love Me? from 2NE1, I’m sorry, but I have nothing good to say about the MV. Everyone is like “their just themselves, it’s fun and they are more relax, not playing a role” and all that crap, but I see laziness. They didn’t invented “party video”, nor slice bread. If I wanted MV like they do in USA, I wouldn’t bother with Kpop. Anyway, at least, after a few tries, I finally understood the song was good. It took a while because the video distracted me too damn much.

For Luv Is, I also had to listen to it a few time before it got to me. The thing is, I think, I got something against the sentence “Love is you”. It felt cheap and a bit too cheesy for me. Baechigi is flawless though so they basically were the reason why I tried this one a few more time. Now I like it, even a lot, and the chorus is often stuck in my head.

Gummy sing OST songs, nothing new under the sun. It might be alright I guess, but yeah… you know.