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01. Ailee – U & I      ↑(15)
02. Davichi – Missing You Today      ↓(1)
03. Dynamic Duo – BAAAM (feat. Muzie from UV)      –
04. APink – No No No      ↑(1)
05. 2NE1 – Falling In Love      ↓(3)
06. Kang Seung Yoon – It Rains      NEW
07. Sistar – Give It To Me      ↓(3)
08. Lee Seung Chul – My Love      ↓(2)
09. Yu Seong Eun – Be OK (feat. Baechigi)      NEW
10. INFINITE – Destiny      NEW
11. Geeks – Fly      ↓(2)
12. Brown Eyed Girls – Recipe      ↓(5)
13. Lim Kim – All Right      ↓(5)
14. Girl’s Day – Female President      ↓(4)
15. Bumkey – Bad Girl (feat. E-Sens of Supreme Team)      ↓(1)
16. Huh Gak, Jeong Eunji (APink) – Short Hair      ↓(3)
17. Outsider – The Bird Crying Sorrowfully (feat. Lee Soo Young)      ↓(6)
18. Sistar – The Way You Make Me Melt (feat. Geeks)      ↓(1)
19. Roy Kim – Love Love Love      ↓(7)
20. Dynamic Duo – Three Dopeboyz (feat. Zion T.)      ↓(5)
21. 4minute – Is It Poppin’?      ↓(2)
22. 4MEN – Only You      ↓(4)
23. Verbal Jint – Walking in the Rain (feat. Bumkey)      ↓(3)
24. Jung Yeop – Why Did You Come Now?      ↑(2)
25. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar      ↑(52)

It Rains, from Kang Seung Yoon, is good. Not much to say about it.

Be OK, from Yu Seong Eun, really sounds like a mess to me. It goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time and every part are just that, parts, and they don’t go well together. And about the MV, the close-close-up, I didn’t care that much for. In fact, they mostly made me unconfortable. I prefer to have regular close up, that breathe a bit. This is just “do you see my face? DO YOU SEE MY FACE!!???”… It’s like she tries too hard. I really don’t like it.

INFINITE’s Destiny is great. I’m just sad that we’ll never be able to see the “A Version” of the MV because of the plane crash that occured around the time the MV was released. There was a plane crash or something like that in that version. At first, I wasn’t sure about the song because of the intense sound stuff in the intro, but I really love it now.

For Why Did You Come Now?, well it’s an OST song, it sounds like an OST song, what can I say.

Finally, Bar Bar Bar from Crayon Pop. It’s just… AWESOME. I really fell in love with the song and MV. It’s so weird, fun and new. The dance is really funny, but easy to follow too (and it can be a great cardio work-out). Some people are saying that their CEO Manager is tempering with the chart because they are gaining popularity and rank really fast, but I say it’s just because the concept is really really catchy and soooo new from what we are used to in Kpop. Anyway, check it out.