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EDIT : I’ve put Wash Away from Geeks in red, though I don’t talk about it since it was new in the chart I missed. That said, it’s a great MV, a bit too artsy and maybe a bit too on the suicide side somehow, but the voice of Ailee is divine and the song in general is just really really good.

Ok, I’m really sorry I’m sooooo late in the charts. Also, I cannot acces the chart of the last week of april (part april, part may week)… I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to do one a day until I get up to date + I’ll have the listing for the K-Blend 6 soon since july is almost done (gosh, time flies sooooo fast).

I might put up a new page to for those that would want to vote for the Melon chart but either cannot read korean or are not good enough to create an account. It’s somewhat easy, but most of the site I’ve browse through to create my account were out-dated and I had some trouble at first.

I come to understand a little more about the way the chart is calculated. It seems to be not exactly half and half but more like 60%/40% (don’t know wich one is what though) votes and then how the song/album is bought (either out of the melon website or in general). Anyway, enough about that, here’s the chart :

01. Lee Hyori – Miss Korea      NEW
02. Roy Kim – Bom Bom Bom      ↓(1)
03. 4minute – What’s your name?      –
04. Vibe – For The Last Time      ↑(4)
05. PSY – GENTLEMAN      ↓(3)
06. Akdong Musician – I Love You       ↓(2)
07. 4MEN – Propose Song      NEW
8. Secret – YooHoo      ↑(3)
09. Cho Yong Pil – Bounce      ↓(4)
10. Lyn – Tonight (Feat. Baechigi)       ↓(3)
11. 2PM – Come Back When You Hear This Song       NEW
12. Geeks – Wash Away (feat. Ailee)       ↓(6)
13. K.Will – Love Blossom       ↓(4)
14. Davichi – Be Warmed (feat. Verbal Jint)      ↓(4)
15. Younha – The Real Reason Why We Broke Up       ↑(5)
16. Cho Yong Pil – Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)       ↓(4)
17. Suzy (Miss A) – Don’t Forget Me      NEW
18. Geeks – How Are You? (feat. Harim)       ↓(5)
19. You Seung Woo – Hello       NEW
20. Davichi – Turtle       ↓(5)
21. Lyn – Breakable Heart (feat. Yong Junhyung of BATOOST)       ↓(5)
22. T-ARA N4 – Jeon Won Diary       ↓(8)
23. UV – Because Of You (feat. Sung Hoon of Brown Eyed Soul)       NEW
24. Lee Hi – Rose      ↓(7)
25. Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending      ↓(6)

A few interesting song and MV this time, though I’m not that much into them to really really love them. I would recommand to check out UV and You Seung Woo’s song. Secret’s YooHoo is fun too.

I still don’t get why Davichi’s Turtle is still in the chart. The video is sure cute and all, but it’s still bored me a lot.

Jeon Won Diary, from T-ARA N4, took a few listening to really like it, but I confess that I’m still listening and enjoying it now even though it’s been more than a few months it was released. 2PM’s song is great too, but I’m not listening to it that much anymore.

Younha is awesome, as usual, but the MV is the cherry on top of the song. It’s really beautiful, somewhat artsy too. I really like the song, it’s different and just great. Still listening to it even though I feel like it’s more of a spring or autumn kinda song.

At last : What’s Your Name?, from 4minute. At first, I HATED this song, sooooooo sooooo much. But then, as I might have mention it, I’m a big fan of Eat Your Kimchi. And Simon loved it and sing the chorus a lot in the past few videos. And nom, I kinda like it, a lot. It’s really catchy. So for you that rejected this song at first like me, I recommand to listen to it a few times again, just to check if you still hate it as much.

I’ve realized lately that I really need to watch/listen to some song 2 or 4 times to be sure of my feelings towards them. And also, some song are better off without their MV. Sometimes, the MV is just distracting, disturbing or really lacking/boring/cheap/etc. So that’s how I proceed now :
First time – With the MV
Second time – With the MV again
Third time – Without the MV
Fourth time – Whatever I think is best to do

Yeah, so that’s all folks! I’ll be less chatty in the few next post (well, I hope so).