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As you can see, I haven’t been posting so much lately. Well, I was finishing my master thesis. But now that it’s almost done (some stuff to do here and there, but nothing major), I’ll try to be more productive around here, starting with the Melon Top 25. BUT, I got some drama related stuff coming up and maybe some beauty products reviews or things like that. Not sure yet If I’ll just put on other website with other titles since this one is mainly about music, so we’ll see about that.

About this top 25 : I still don’t care for OST AND about half of the top 10… Turtle doesn’t do it for me; I realized I HATE Huh Gak; 2AM – 2 boring; Zion.T is fine, I like his voice, but I’m just not into the song, at all, it’s just too mellow for me.

From now on, put in red the song I heart and listen to a lot too. I might start to put arrows next to the title to let you know if they’re going up the ratings or down, and just write NEW when it’s a new song (starting next rating though, since the last one is far in my mind and I’m too lazy to check the last one).

01. Davichi – Turtle
02. 2AM – One Spring Day
03. Zion.T – Two Melodies (Feat. Crush)
04. Gummy – Snowflower
05. Sistar 19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
06. The One – A Winter Story
07. Huh Gak – Monodrama (With Yoo Seung Woo)
08. LeeSSang – Tears (Feat. Eugene Of The Seeya)
09. Baechigi – Shower of Tears (Feat. Ailee)
10. Shinee – Dream Girl
11. Huh Gak – 1440
12. Davichi – Don’t You Know
13. 4Men – Hello It’s Me
14. Verbal Jint – If It Ain’t Love (Feat. Ailee)
15. Akdong Musician – Is It Ramyun?
16. Kim Boa – Tears Fallin’
17. As One – It’s Gonna Be Alright
18. Sohyang – Don’t Forget Me
19. 4Men – My Angel (Feat. Yunhu)
20. TeenTop – Miss Right
21. CN BLUE – I’m Sorry
22. Ailee – Ice Flower
23. Seo In Guk – All I Want Is You (Feat. Verbal Jint)
24. Ra.D – It’s Been So Long (Feat. Sin Ji Soo)
25. Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me